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John Buchanan was a decent man, but the glorification of his coaching is wrong

Former Pakistan captain Salman Butt has claimed that former Australian coach John Buchanan has never really had a major impact on the Aussie squad led by Ricky Ponting. Butt claimed that the players in the Buchanan era were the best in the world and that any coach in his position would have achieved the same results.

John Buchanan oversaw Australia’s dominance over world cricket when he won three World Cups between 1999-2007. The run is unparalleled to this day, and no team has ever managed to defend their throne since. However, the role of Buchanan during this era has been questioned by experts and players, and many claim that the team was already at its peak when he joined.

John Buchanan (Image: Twitter)

John Buchanan was a very high-tech coach. He always held long meetings. I’ve also managed teams and I’m not a fan of such long meetings where players fall asleep. Players fell asleep earlier during his meetings, and he was part of many coaching projects around the world, but none were successful.

The Australian team was a massive team; it would not have mattered if they did not have a coach at all. Australian players have also written the same in their books. He was a decent man, but the glorification of his coaching [is wrong]. Give any coach such players, and the results will be similar,Salman Butt said on his YouTube channel.

John Buchanan was a decent man, but the glorification of his coaching is wrong- Salman Butt
Ricky Ponting led Australia to victory in 2003 and 2007 ODI World Cup [Image-Getty]

Salman Butt praises Sourav Ganguly, calls him ‘gentle’

The Pakistani batsman played under Buchanan in the first edition of the IPL. Butt never really saw himself as an impact, but he did have the opposite opinion of the former Indian captain and current BCCI president, Sourav Ganguly. Butt reveals that Ganguly was a gentle man who was also a brilliant player.

Sourav Ganguly, ICC final,
Sourav Ganguly (Image Credit: Twitter)

He was a good captain, there is no doubt; he was India very well. He is very gentle, keeps the team with the utmost care and also a brilliant player. I have a lot of respect for him. No, no, he was not strict at all. I played with him, against him, and under his captaincy he was never strict,Butt added.

Salman Butt played in 135 international matches for Pakistan and scored 5209 runs at an average of 33.18. He represented the national team from 2003-2010 before being banned for restoring the place.

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