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Jon Rahm takes on additional preparation for the Ryder Cup – golf news

With the 2021 edition of the Ryder Cup just a few weeks away, it would be logical for each of the 24 players involved to have as much human rest as possible and for 23 of these select packs, they decided to do exactly that.

However, there is one person who falls out of the group, and with the current world number one deciding to stay as active as possible, he will look to prove why he best golfer on the planet today.

The man in question is Jon Rahm and with the Spaniard deciding that participation is better than relaxation, the next item on his agenda is success in the upcoming Fortinet Championship in Napa, California.

Many will wonder why Rahm decided to swing his clubs at this particular tournament, and although a $ 7m scholarship will be a very important factor, it is not money that is the primary driving force.

Instead of more potential wealth, the sharpening of primary skills is considered all the more important, and with every other Ryder Cup contestant stepping up, Rahm will definitely be the favorite to win the next PGA Tour.

A statement that is currently supported by the bookmakers and the 26-year-old is considered the favorite, the Fan Duel sports book and its peers are preparing themselves for a substantial payday for players.

Because while there is no certainty about sports betting, and especially with golf, a bet is as safe as homes – or at least as safe as a golf game can be.

Because they are such a wide field in terms of entrants, there is always the possibility that someone else will get on the board, or that the current rank leader has a day off or two over the course of the weekend.

Rahm does not enter the Fortinet Championship to make up the numbers, but he is looking for the lowest number in terms of total shots. four entertaining days of golf action.

On top of that, it would send a warning shot to the 12 American stars who would represent the country in the upcoming Ryder Cup, and if you look at the form book, and one that says, “even during your vacation, I still mean business.”

On the other hand, participation in the Fortinet is not necessary and a bad performance in Napa could derail the confidence that is constantly radiating from the latest in the series of great Spanish golf stars.

This confidence is of course supported by an abundance of true talent and these two qualities together, were the reason for his dominance over the past few years – dominance that made him reach the US Open earlier this year.

That victory in June was undoubtedly the highlight of his career from an individual point of view, and now it’s time to go to his European rivals as he and 11 of his continental teammates are ready for golf war.

A war that was last played in France three years earlier, as Europe dominated the proceedings, and after winning by a score of 17.5 to 10.5, it was one of the more comprehensive Ryder Cup successes in the recent memory.

This means that the American team will undoubtedly take revenge this time, and that it must be revenge that must be interrupted for another 12 months, as the grip of COVID-19 has gripped the sports landscape.

However, the grip has now been loosened enough for the show to continue, and even for those who do not necessarily consider themselves fans of the sport, the Ryder Cup is probably the purest theater of all.

Theater that will be played on the Whistling Straits track in Wisconsin, and if Jon Rahm can lead Europe to a victory, he could point to his warm-up at the Fortinet Championships as one of the reasons for this.

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