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Justin Langer and the team manager of Australia involved in a dispute with CA Staffer

Australia head coach Justin Langer and team manager and Gavin Dovey ended up in hot waters with reports that the duo were involved in a heated altercation with Cricket Australia staff.

According to a report published in the Sydney Morning Herald, Langer and Dovey paid tribute to the footage that CA aired on its social media channels, showing Bangladeshi players singing their national anthem while claiming their series victory against the Aussies in the third T20I four.

The report states that Dovey and Langer were upset about the video that CA posted on cricket.com.au where Bangladeshi players sing their team. national anthem after an exciting victory in the third game.

Dovey questioned the staff member when he objected to CA posting the song from Bangladesh, a view shared by head coach Justin Langer

The matter escalated as the staff member remained standing and according to the report, at least a dozen people saw the scurry unfold before their eyes, which also made some of the Australian players feel uncomfortable.

‘The clashes that took place in the team hotel after the series victory of the third game were separate, but took place quickly. Sources close to the team said that the incidents had been seen by at least a dozen people and that some players were confused and uneasy about what had happened, ‘the Sydney Morning Herald said.

Justin Langer (Image Credit: Twitter)

While Justin Langer’s mother kept talking about the incident, Dovey said it was an ‘honest and candid’ discussion where both parties agreed not to agree.

However, he acknowledged that such a confrontation must have taken place behind closed doors.

A healthy team environment involves the ability to have honest and honest conversations, whether that was between players, support staff or others in the team environment. said Dovey.

“There was a disagreement, and we agreed that we did not agree on a particular issue. In retrospect, this was one of the cases that should have taken place privately. I take full ownership of it, “he added.

The situation went from worse to worse for the Australian cricket team that had the incident when they succumbed to the lowest T20I total in the fifth and final match in the fifth and final match.

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