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Kariakoo Derby: Why Yanga SC Stopped Shelter Camps for Simba SC Dates – Said

The Jangwani giants reveal the presence of their training facility at the Aviv Town camp in Kigamboni, changed their approach to pre-match preparations

Yanga SC came forward to explain why they did not camp outside Dar es Salaam before their Kariakoo derby against Simba SC last week.

In the past, when Yanga and Simba were about to meet, the two teams would travel outside Dar es Salaam to prepare for the match, but that was not the case in the recent derby because Yanga had the second round pitched in the capital. match.

The two teams were able to travel to Zanzibar for a residential camping trip and return to Dar es Salaam a day before the match.

Yersa vice-chairman of the registration committee, Hersi Said, has since explained the reason why they did not go for their shelter in the recent derby, which they won 1-0 with the goal of Zawadi Mauya in the first half.

What was said?

“What previously forced us to go outside Dar es Salaam was a lack of a favorable atmosphere where players could relax and concentrate on the big game ahead,” Said said. Purpose.

‘You know that a match involving these two parties must always bring the country to a standstill, therefore players and technical bankers must make sufficient preparations before going to the battlefield.

Simba SC vs Yanga SC action.

“As such, with the best training facilities available at our new Avic Town campsite, the team does not have to go anywhere else and everything is done within the camp.

Said further said with the possession of the training facility in Aviv Town, the club does not need to practice elsewhere as the camp is one of the best in East and Central Africa.

How good is Aviv Town facility?

‘There is every training room like a good pitch, good houses for the players to live with quality kitchen setup, pool, gym and many other important things as such, and there is no need to go to other places for further training. derby assignments, ”Said continued.

Said also announced their plans to invest more in the technical bank, saying it would be the only way to get positive results.

“We still remember the words that former president Jakaya Kikwete said at the recent annual general meeting when he reiterated that we need to invest heavily in the technical bank and not in the technical committee,” Said added.

“Getting such words of encouragement from the former president is a great challenge for us and I can assure you that we will work hard to improve our technical panel.”

Yanga are currently second on the 18-man squad with 70 points from 32 games, while opponents Simba are the best with 76 points from 31 games, and a draw against Coastal Union will see the Msimbazi giants on Sunday at Benjamin Mkapa Stadium gives the title.

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