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Kelvin John: Tanzania star unveils new KRC Genk name, Samatta’s encouraging message

The teenager became the second player from the East African country to join the Belgian team in June.

Tanzanian youngster Kelvin John revealed Mbwana Samatta’s encouraging message after sealing his move from KRC Genk in June.

The 18-year-old forward has signed a three-year contract with the Belgian team and became the second Tanzanian to be linked with the club. John reveals the Taifa Stars captain, Samatta, wishes him a successful time in Europe, but stresses the need to work hard.

“We believe in your ability and work hard at everything you do and you are assured of success,” Samatta said in an interview with John. Athlete.

“I was well received at the club and I am not called Kelvin, but I am always referred to as Samatta Junior. They have the confidence that I will do a good job, probably better than Samatta.

“My life revolves around football and that’s why I fight hard to be successful in this area and what I can only ask of God is to help me avoid struggles that come with the game.”

The forward added that Genk is only one way to more success in his career: ‘Genk is just a path I want to explore as I set bigger football dreams and I’m happy my age can make me dream big and hope for success is on its way if I can just avoid challenges from outside the field. “I am glad I achieved the dream of being a soccer player and hopefully many doors will open,” he added.

“There is no player who just wants to play in Tanzania, everyone is always looking forward to getting an opening and playing professional football that pays well. That’s why I fight and hope not to succumb to challenges, because I believe in myself. dream of playing at the highest possible level is achievable.

“A striker is an important player on the field, but any other player can score. My goal in every game is always to score or provide assistance, and when I do not, I always feel that I did not do right to my team. with the 90 minutes given to me. ‘

John became prominent after his impressive outing with Serengeti Boys in the 2017 U17 Africa Cup before being promoted to the senior team by Nigerian coach Emmanuel Amunike.

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