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Khaya Zondo reveals why he lost respect for his cricket hero AB de Villiers

Former South African batsman Khaya Zondo turned out to be AB de Villiers for his “approach as captain” during his international cricket days.

In the hearings on social justice and nation building, Zondo revealed that De Villiers orchestrated his exclusion from the Proteas XI in the series decision against India. During South Africa’s tour to India in 2015, the one – day series between both sides was closed at 2-2, and the final takes place at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

Zondo said it was De Villiers who took him to a corner and brought him the despondent news.

‘The captain (de Villiers) called me to the side, away from the rest of the team and told me he was the one who felt I should not play. He tried to explain himself and took full responsibility for the decision. “ says Zondo as he reads out his submission to the transformation ombudsman, lawyer Dumisa Ntsebeza.

‘I remember when he explained himself to me, lost all respect for him as captain, and as someone I looked up to as a cricket hero of mine, because I could not believe this man was trying to justify himself to me, and it came as if I had to accept this decision because the decision came from him. ”

Zondo concluded by saying that he had separated himself from the team after his conversation with De Villiers because he understood that his services were not necessary.

“I mentally switched off the rest of the day and detached myself from the team because it was clear I was not looking. By switching off, I helped deal with everything that was happening. The most difficult was to watch the players selected before me play and get the opportunity to shine for South Africa on a world stage, in India, a chance to play and possibly make an impression and future IPL opportunities.

Zondo played in 5 ODIs for South Africa and scored 142 runs. He had a modest average of 35.5, but a strike rate of below par was 63.4.

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