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‘Ksh5m FKF Premier League prize money is not intended for cost recovery’ – Mwendwa

It has been murmured that the amount given to the winner is small, but the FA chief feels that teams should give their prize to what is given to them.

Premier League Premier League president Nick Mwendwa has reminded Premier League clubs that the Ksh5m prize money awarded to the winner is not intended to cover the season’s costs.

An example of the South African and English leagues, Mwendwa said that the money for the winner is always a small amount that clubs cannot help without problems.

Wrong thinking about prize money

“If a club wins the league, it is guaranteed for Ksh5 million and I hear from many quarters that it is too little. In South Africa the winner is given 109 million shillings, in the English Premier League the winner goes home with 34 million pounds, ”Mwendwa said Burger TV. “Our teams have never received such money as we give now.

“Prize money is not given to teams to recover their costs. It is wrong to think because this is not the case anywhere in the world. The most important thing is the trophy, its importance replaces the prize money because it is the proud of fans. because if they win, it’s just them who won it. “

The FKF supremo also explained why the financial problems facing Premier League parties could not be resolved any time soon as he could not get the money from BetKing and StarTimes sponsorship to maintain clubs.

“We have the $ 3.4 million BetKing sponsorship, the Premier League earns $ 2.2 million and $ 1.2 million is being built from the StarTimes partnership. From this pool of money, our teams are giving Ksh8 million shillings a year. , “Mwendwa added.

“A club like Gor Mahia needs Ksh100 million a season to run their team, and from their own sponsors they get about 60 million shillings. Because we are the best club, it is clear that they already have a shortage, and this kind of shortage exists in football for a very long time.

Ernest Wendo of Gor Mahia vs Nairobi City Stars.

“In the 80 percent of the clubs in the world, people invest in it and it’s not quite a place to make money. For example, I poured money into Kariobangi Sharks to help the boys and grow the game, because I like it.I can tell you that Kakamega Homeboyz and Sofapaka owners do the same, and many of the clubs do.

“I can tell you that the price of buying a defender like Raphael Varane through Manchester United is over £ 34 million, so how does a club earn in that case. The point I make is that football around the world does not is not profitable.sports.

“But there are countries like Germany that have done better money for their fans because it is a sport for the fans. I hope one day I will be able to give teams Ksh25 million of sponsorship. Is this happening? now? No, but is it better than before? Yes. ‘

The Premier League season is expected to end in August as Tusker leads their rivals to the home side.

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