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Kyle Jamieson wants to fire Virat Kohli early in WTC final

Kyle Jamieson definitely knows a thing or two about Virat Kohli. After being his teammate at Royal Challengers Bangalore during the Indian Premier League, the tall fast bowler from New Zealand had quite a lot of time to keep an eye on the Indian captain.

Scorecard and ball-for-ball comments

At the Ageas Bowl in Southampton on Sunday, Jamieson not only hit a five-for-scratch, but also Kohli previously stunned to put India under pressure in the World Cup final. But Jamieson does not believe he found any notches in Kohli’s armor.

‘He’s a world-class batter, and those guys do not tend to have too many notches in their armor. It’s definitely nice to get him (Kohli). But he’s obviously a big part of their series, and getting him early will definitely set things up nicely for us, ‘Jamieson said in a media interaction.

‘Good start’

‘It was just pleasant in terms of the fact that I could try to bounce the ball and keep him in check a bit and get the wicket. This is just a good start for our game, “added the tempo bait.

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When India toured New Zealand last year, Jamieson fired Kohli in a similar way – with deliveries and then brought back. Jamieson admitted that it is a pattern to get rid of the Indian captain.

‘Yes, maybe there’s a pattern. I do not necessarily know if we talk a lot about it. I think the one I was able to get from him today definitely cut back a bit and it’s pretty hard to control as a bowler and pretty hard to drive as a batter, no matter who you are, so “I do not necessarily think only of him,” he said.

‘It’s clear he’s a big part of their team and a pretty big wicket to get. “Getting him up pretty early this morning, I think, was nice and was pleasant and very important for the way the day unfolded,” the 26-year-old said.


While New Zealand trailed by 116 runs, Jamieson made it clear that a lead of between 50 and 150 would be ‘big’ for the team to gain the upper hand. ‘We’ve seen it was difficult, and we know in England that things can happen quickly if they happen. The way we started tonight was obviously pretty good in terms of that front. Things did not happen too fast and we were able to build a solid foundation.

‘Obviously the key forward is to try to build on it, and if we can move forward, great, if we can get 50, 100, 150, big. I think as a bowling unit we will really take everything we can get, ‘he said.

“We have seen that it is not easy. These are not easy batting conditions, and with the class of this Indian bowling team we know it is going to be difficult. It’s just about trying to win the moment and staying in the moment. If we can do that, the guidance we can achieve, if we get there and build on it, will be wonderful. ”

‘World class openers’

After New Zealand bundled India for 217 in the first innings, he had an opening period of 70 runs between Tom Latham and Devon Conway – who hammered for another half century. And Jamieson was excited about the way the openers fared.

“They were wonderful. I think it was some of the best batting I have seen, due to my short time in this team. I think the way Tom and Dev approached it, the ball would move, we knew it. The conditions would probably be in the bowler’s favor. “The way they approached that rather difficult period was excellent,” he said.

‘I think they are, in my opinion, two nice world-class openers anyway. The way they approached it, built a partnership, and yes, we achieved where we are, was definitely pretty special. ‘

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