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LEAD Edu works with Goal.com

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Edu (LEAD) and Goal.com (Goal) today announced a new partnership to strengthen the impact of sport as a tool for leadership development.

LEAD and Goal are aligned with their shared vision to empower and support future leaders through quality education and sport. Through this partnership, they will highlight the power of LEAD’s model for leadership development and show how education, sport, nutrition, health care, life skills and pastoral care can profoundly change individual lives – and thereafter the whole of society.

In the short term, LEAD’s Liberian and Moroccan student-athletes will be offered by Goal through a variety of multimedia approaches, including the Fan View series and social media channels. In the longer term, with the Africa Women’s Cup of Nations coming to Morocco in 2022, LEAD and Goal will work together to share powerful stories of girls breaking down barriers in the classroom and on the field.

“We are so excited to work with Goal and highlight the work of our fantastic leaders at LEAD Monrovia Football Academy in Liberia and LEAD Morocco,” said Will Smith, founder and CEO of LEAD Edu.

” Our unique model for leadership development increases students’ access to the opportunities they deserve and supports them to realize their potential. We are very proud of the progress and impact we have made since we started this work in 2015, and we are delighted that the goal will now help us tell our story. ”

From Goal’s point of view, Chief Operating Officer Zarina Bahdur shared Smith’s feelings, saying:

‘We look forward to sharing and telling the stories of LEAD Morocco and LEAD Monrovia Football Academy. There are many initiatives in Africa that speak to the model of life skills and leadership, but very few have succeeded in not only sustaining their initiatives to the same extent as the LEAD team, but also growing them.

” By creating unique opportunities, they built a dynamic team and offering that proved that it was not only successful, but also enabled each person’s personal growth in a truly global way. By sharing their stories across our Africa platforms and creating new and exciting initiatives, we believe that many others in the football and education space not only strive to achieve the same, but can also learn from their experiences. ”

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