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Leading Legends link their distances with SkyCaddie – Golf News

SkyCaddie GPS was used by seven of the top ten participants over the weekend Farmfoods European Legends Links Championship at Trevose, emphasizing the importance of having the right yard inside your fingers, no matter how good your swing is.

The winner of the tournament, South Africa, Chris Williams (pictured above), used his SkyCaddie SX500 GPS rangefinder throughout the event, as well as Andrew Oldcorn and Peter Baker (T5), as well as David Shacklady, Peter Wilson, Clark Dennis and Markus Brier (all T7).

In the championship, which was the first Legends Tour event of the year, more than half of the participants used SkyCaddie GPS for their garden.

Legends Tour organizers also worked with SkyCaddie when they fixed the pins at the tournament. SkyCaddie then provided the daily pin sheets for players to use. Everyday pens have also been downloaded WiFi on competitors’ SkyCaddie GPS computers.

Williams was the last to clinch the tournament, hitting a perfect 8-iron to three feet after using his SkyCaddie to get a yard on the uphill 18th in Trevose.

“With the last shot, I used the SkyCaddie pointer to get a point after a specific point on the green, as I do on most holes,” Williams said after his first win in Europe in a tournament- career of more than 40 years. “With a good size, my mind was clean and I hit a great shot.”

‘I trust my skyCaddie’s site and now use it 99.9% of the time in tournaments. I no longer have to use a garden book. The SkyCaddie is now part of my tee-shot routine, it gives me a meter where I want to hit the ball. By Trevose. like many switching courses. you often come across a blind shot over hills – for example, the approach to the first green if you are not in position. “In these cases, the SkyCaddie saves me a lot of time, it’s immediate and it’s good in bad weather, ” he said.

Tournament host and 1991 champion Ian Woosnam is another Legends Tour contestant who now uses SkyCaddie GPS for site tournaments. He said: “I use my SkyCaddie on every tee to assess transfer and runoff when the dangers are within reach. When I preload the day’s pens, I give a complete road map of each hole without worrying about the line of sight . “

SkyCaddie’s new SX550 model will take over from the SX500 as the favorite GPS device among elite golfers when it launches in the UK at the end of this month.

Visit www.skycaddie.co.uk for more details on all SkyCaddie GPS devices

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