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Live 2020 NFL Regular Season | Start Week 1 TV Schedule and Live Stream

NFL Regular Season 2020 week 1 Info: There is just one month to return to Footbol as the NFL is planning to cruise the uncharted waters of a worldwide pandemic for a season.

At the start of the year, the COVID-19 outbreak seemed to be a fantaisie of football. The pandemic could have an effect on it. Seven months forward, though, and the NFL is increasingly close to the novel coronavirus, the deadly sickle.

The disease forced NBA and NHL to suspend the seasons for four months and threatened to derail a shortened MLB season on a number of occasions after baseball resumed last month, pushing college football into a dramatic overhaul of the schedule, requiring inter-conference match-ups to be cancelled.

The effect on the NFL has, however, been fairly minimal to date. In this sense. The League decided to cancel the NFL Draft in Las Vegas in April so it could be held remotely so the training camps were obviously different than prior years because of the few staff permitted to do so.

Furthermore, several players have already chosen a coronavirus-related area during the next season. Some people are considered to be high-risk players during the season while others have voluntarily chosen to not participate in the 2020 event.

nfl regular season live

When expected for September 10, the NFL stays stable throughout the season. Furthermore, if the COVID-19 epidemic has occurred, it has been felt that nothing should be taken for granted, and that a few days from now, even the most likely sure possibilities will be put at risk.

Although the global pandemic is obviously the key point of conversation in the season, the next campaign is fascinated by a lot of subplots from a football perspective.

After the Super Bowl Leader of the six-time Super Bowl winner left for Florida after 20 trophies, the Kansas City Chefs began their hunt for a first team in over fifteen years to win Super Bowls back to back and create themselves as a new Dynastie in NFL

When the NFL Regular season start?

On Thursday 10 September, the 101st NFL season will commence. Kansas City Chiefs, the defending Super Bowl champions and Houston Texans are proud to have participated in the curtain raiser.

The next Sunday 12 September is set for 13 games with two teams.

The Dallas Cowboys will be met at the Los Angeles Rams on the first of their season’s Sunday night Football, while the campaign’s launch on Monday night will include a double heading as the Pittsburgh Steelers visit the New York Giants, before the Tennessee Titants were hosted by the Denver Broncos.

TV coverage

The next season marks the seventh anniversary of the existing ESPN, CBS, FOX and NBC broadcasting agreement.

The latter broadcast the opening game and Thanksgiving prime time and Sunday night football on September 10th.

ESPN will stream games on Monday Night, while FOX will air football on Thursday Night, both shown on the NFL and Amazon Prime networks.

The NFL Network exclusively will show the first three games of the season on Thursday night and will then air one of them later in the season on Saturday.

Sunday afternoon games will be coordinated by FOX and CBS, with Super Bowl L.V. coverage later programming.


There are live streams on four digital platforms of broadcasters, including Apple , Android and connected TV devices. Live streams will be available. NFL Network ‘s game pass will also be available on mobile and wired TVs.

A live stream of Amazon Prime ‘s live football games every Thursday evening will also be available via fuboTV and DirecTV.

Week 1 TV Schedule (All times ET)

Thursday, September 10

  • Houston Texans @ Kansas City Chiefs—8:20 p.m., NBC

Sunday, September 13

  • Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington—1 p.m., FOX
  • Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots—1 p.m., CBS
  • Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings—1 p.m., FOX
  • Indianapolis Colts @ Jacksonville Jaguars—1 p.m., CBS
  • Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions—1 p.m. FOX
  • Las Vegas Raiders @ Carolina Panthers—1 p.m. CBS
  • New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills—1 p.m. CBS
  • Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens—1 p.m. CBS
  • Seattle Seahawks @ Atlanta Falcons—1 p.m. FOX
  • Los Angeles Chargers @ Cincinnati Bengals—4:05 p.m. CBS
  • Arizona Cardinals @ San Francisco 49ers—4:25 p.m. FOX
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints—9:25 p.m. FOX
  • Dallas Cowboys @ Los Angeles Rams—8:20 p.m., NBC

Monday, September 14

  • Pittsburgh Steelers @ New York Giants—7:15 p.m., ESPN
  • Tennessee Titans @ Denver Broncos—10:10 p.m., ESPN

NFL 2020 season odds

In the view of the bookmakers the Kansas City Chiefs continue to be the champion. The reigning 13/5 Super Bowl champions with Fan Duel winning the Super Bowl LV and being the first team to retain the Lombardi Trophy since the New England Patriots in 2005.

The Baltimore Ravens are just divided between the champions at 7:11 and San Francisco 49, who lost to Kansas City at 9:1 in Super Bowl LIV. The New Orleans Saints and the Buccaneers from Tampa Bay complete the top five respectively at 12/1 and 15/1.

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