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Liverpool and Spurs-linked Vlahovic have offered a new contract at Fiorentina

There is a move to England for the Serbian international striker, but his current club have no plans to sell

Dusan Vlahovic has a summer transfer to the Premier League is shouted, with Liverpool and Tottenham are some of his suitors, but Fiorentina draw up a new contract for the popular striker.

A 21-goal Serie A goal last season has brought the talented 21-year-old to the forefront of leading European clubs.

He has already been linked to a deal until 2023, but La Viola is keen to put in place new conditions that will make it possible to end exit talks and unwanted attention from England.

What was said?

Fiorentina director Joe Barone told reporters when asked about plans for the transfer window in Florence: ‘We are keeping an eye on the team as it is and after the pre-season training we will see what we have to bring in.

“Vlahovic is a Fiorentina player, he has two years on his contract and we are constantly working with his agent on an extension.”

Why is Vlahovic a wanted man?

A player with a lot of potential yet to be unlocked is considered an excellent prospect for the present and future.

Only three players scored more goals last season than he did in the Italian top flight Juventus’ Cristiano Ronaldo (29), Inter star Romelu Lukaku (24) and Atalanta frontrunner Luis Muriel (22).

That return has made him a sought-after man, with his qualities considered extremely suitable for the Premier League – as a tall forward who is also good with his feet.

It is said that Tottenham consider the Serb an ideal replacement for Harry Kane a prolific English international sees big money pulling away from north London.

Liverpool are also considering bringing another striker into their books, with an alternative to Roberto Firmino.

It was also said that Arsenal were looking for Vlahovic at some point, but the Gunners apparently drew their attention elsewhere in their search for new recruits.

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