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Liverpool boss Klopp offers Henderson contract update and insists ‘we will sort it out’

The Reds’ captain has been in the last two years of his current deal and negotiations over an extension have so far proved fruitless

Jurgen Klopp has offered an update on the future of Jordan Henderson, while negotiations on a new contract for the Liverpool captain continue.

Henderson has entered into the last two years of his current contract at Anfield, and Purpose understand that initial discussions about an expansion have so far proved fruitless.

Liverpool have already agreed new deals this summer with the likes of Trent Alexander-Arnold, Fabinho and Virgil van Dijk, and hope to add Mo Salah to the list. However, dialogue with Henderson is ongoing.

What did Klopp say?

Asked how important it is to find a solution with Henderson, Klopp told reporters: ‘Important. But we will. We’ll sort it out, whatever it is. But we will fix it, no doubt about it. ”

Henderson will likely sit on the bench for the opening of the Premier League in Liverpool, Norwich on Saturday, after being the last of the Reds’ first-team players to return to training after his summer break.

But Klopp says the 30-year-old is in good condition before the new campaign.

He added: “I spoke to him yesterday and it looked like that, yes!”

“We can still beat the best”

The theme of transfers, of course, dominated the first press conference before Klopp’s match on Friday, with the German specifically asked about the spending of competitors such as Chelsea and Manchester City, as well as the relative lack of activity of his own club.

He said: ‘It is not my position to judge what other clubs are doing. What I like most about football is that it’s not about the best players. It always gives you the chance to win a football match.

“Often we had the better players on the field and lost. If we face a team that has better players than us – I can not see it, to be 100 percent honest! – then we have at least a chance.

‘Of course, all the players who have signed all the clubs have a real quality. And yes, if Harry [Kane] really going to Man City, it would not make them worse. It’s amazing.

‘But City were the best team last year and still did not win exactly what they wanted. This is the situation. There are different things you can do in football.

“There is no criticism. I do not understand 100% how this is possible, but it seems that it is possible for them [to sign big-money players each summer].

“Why should I sit here now and say ‘we need to sign him’ or ‘we need him and him’. My job is to work with the players, and I love working with these players. I love every second.

‘Let’s start the season and play the best football we can. And if we play one of these big, big groups, we will try to win it with everything we have. ”

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