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Manchester United is renamed ‘Football UFC’ or ‘Man UFC’ on Football Manager after Football Manager

The Premier League team and the gaming company have reached an agreement on the trademark dispute

Manchester United will no longer be available at Football Manager following a settlement between the club and gaming company Sega.

The Premier League club have taken legal action over the use of their name and logo in the game.

Instead of taking the matter to court, both parties reached an agreement that would change the club name of the Old Trafford in the match.

What was said?

‘Manchester United and Sega have reached an agreement to resolve their trademark dispute with Football Manager in an amicable settlement,’ reads a statement on the match. website read.

“Both parties are happy to resolve this matter to their mutual satisfaction.”

Is Man Utd no longer in the game?

Players can still technically manage the Red Devils in the new edition of the game.

But instead, their name will be changed, according to a report on Football Manager’s official Twitter account.

“From FM22, the Manchester United football club will be called ‘Manchester UFC’ or ‘Man UFC’,” the statement read.