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Match 16 JKP vs AF Live Cricket Score Ball by Ball Comments, scorecard and results

Stay in touch with us and get ECS Sweden, Malmö, match 16 JKP vs AF Live cricket 2021, commentary ball for ball and minute by minute live updates.


Ariana AKIF

Just getting started

ECS Sweden, Malmö, 2021

Landskrona Cricket Club

Start date: 05 August 2021

Throw and play XI: The match starts on Thursday 5 August 2021 at 18:00 (IST).

Groups of both teams

Jonkoping Team:

Usman Ali, Zubair Zia, Muhammad Ismail, Muhammad Tanveer, Riaz Khan, Sahargul Shirzad, Sai Rao, Sohail Wattoo, Bilal Munir, Rehman Babar, Sohail Mosazai, Adil Javiad, Ahmed Sajjad, Bhavya Patel, Mujahid Asiddique, Shejahi Siddique Ibrahimkhil, Shubham Kadam, Subhan Arshad, Talha Omer, Umar Zaidi

Ariana AKIF -span:

Rahatullah Rahatullah, Zabiullah Wardak, Abdul Naser, Delawar Khan, Hazrat Omed, Javid Khan, Krishna Digumurthi, Maly Gholam, Qaiser Mahmood, Sreekanth Medavarapu, Ihsan Shirzad, Imran Khan, Ayub Azizi, Sedous Sabak, Anabak, Gudimella, Dharmender Singh, Karan Singh, Khaled Mohammad, Mazhar Khan, Param Singh, Pawan Kumar

ECS Sweden, Malmö, 2021 Match 16 JKP vs AF Live Score, Scorecard & Results

Follow JKP vs AF live cricket score ball for ball commentary and know what’s happening with us on the ground.

JKP vs AF match details

Capture ECS Sweden, Malmö, 2021 JKP vs AF Live Cricket Score ball comments with fast scorecard updates, latest news results and more.

Timing: The JKP vs AF Match 16 starts on Thursday 5 August 2021 at 18:00 (IST).

Venue: The ECS Sweden, Malmö, match 16 JKP vs AF, match 16, is played in Landskrona Cricket Club.

Hello everyone and welcome to the live blog of ECS Sweden, Malmö, 2021 for JKP vs AF Live Cricket Score ball comments, stay connected with Cricadium.

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