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Matty and Patty Ice – Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan shouts tournament winner Patrick Cantlay

A week ago, as Atlanta Valke quarterback Matt Ryan Warm-ups during the last pre-season match of his team, a golf post took place on televisions in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Patrick Cantlay held off Bryson DeChambeau in a a six-hole play-off match for the BMW Championship and thus picked up the name “Patty Ice”.

It’s a game with words of Ryan’s nickname since high school, “Matty Ice,” one that followed him from Penn Charter in Philadelphia to Boston College and then to Atlanta. And Atlanta is of course where Cantlay continued his new nickname with a victory by one stroke in the tour championship on Sunday afternoon, held Jon Rahm.

As a result, Ryan – himself a keen golfer – was on golf trips with him Los Angeles Frame quarterback Matthew Stafford in the past – to suggest that Matty Ice and Patty Ice meet for a round this season.

“Congratulations Patrick Cantlay! Ice cold finish of the season,” Ryan wrote on Twitter. “I wish you all the best in the Ryder Cup! What about a round at Shady this season?”

This was the last part of the Cantlay-Ryan-Atlanta Falcons love this past week. Cantlay received a “PATTY ICE” Falcon jersey earlier this week, complete with Ryan’s number 2, and the PGA Tour’s official Twitter account announced that “Patty Ice is here to stay.”

Cantlay also endorsed the nickname.

“I told people it’s hard to get a nickname for me,” Cantlay said during the tour championships this week. “This is the first one that got stuck a bit. Before it’s the only computer I would ever get. I like it. I think it’s great. I think it’s cool when people get to know me. A bit and that this name may have some traction, because it may be true. “

The Hawks also adopted the nickname when he welcomed Cantlay on Twitter to Atlanta, which Cantlay then tweeted again.

Matty Ice returns for his 14th season as Atlanta’s starting quarterback next Sunday at home against the Philadelphia Eagles.

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