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Mbarak: FKF must change to win the trust of sponsors

The Mombasa administrator insists that the only way for Kenyan football to stay afloat is to keep the sponsors confident.

Former presidential aspirant Twaha Mbarak has warned that Kenyan football will suffer in the coming years if the current office of the Football Kenya Federation cannot regain the trust of sponsors.

Three days ago there were reports that BetKing had ended their partnership with FKF as the title sponsors for the Premier League.

Although FKF president Nick Mwendwa said Purpose they have not withdrawn from the fight but are in talks to amend some contractual terms, and according to Mbarak, Kenyan football feels irreparable damage if ‘we lose the sponsors’ trust ’.

What did Mbarak say?

“There are just a lot of things going on that do not fit into our game,” Twaha said. Standard newspaper. “We urgently need to regain the trust of sponsors, otherwise the damage will be irreparable.

‘If you get into a situation where your partners doubt, the clubs feel that you are a member, then you have no leadership that can be entrusted to the development of the game.

Brian Birgen of Ulinzi Stars vs Hashim Sempala of Tusker.

A week ago, FKF unveiled a trophy worth 50,000 Ksh to be won by the winners of the current Premier League campaign, but according to Mbarak, the trophy was an unnecessary expense because the league is financially unstable.

“We have to get our priorities right. At one point, FKF did not overpay prize payments to clubs, it is reckless to spend Sh5 million on a trophy – let alone the fact that the actual cost is involved, ‘Mbarak continued.

Mbarak is also against FKF’s decision to deduct points from Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards after skipping the Mashemeji derby and insisting the clubs fight for their rights.

“Why FKF would keep the club’s prize pool if they were already in financial difficulties is inexplicable,” Mbarak added.

What did Mwendwa say about BetKing’s exit rumors?

On the rumors surrounding BetKing exit, Mwednwa said Purpose: ‘We’re still talking to them and they did not walk away; they asked us to reconsider the contract we had signed and to amend a few things.

“We are still negotiating, and we will soon make a clear statement on what we have agreed.

Apart from the deduction of points, the Kenyan giants were also fined a total of 10 million Ksh – AFC Leopards with the highest fine of 6 million Ksh for being the home team, while Gor Mahia was fined 4 million Ksh because he was the away team.

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