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Mizuno on course with new ST -G 220 driver – Golf News

Mizuno has announced the launch of its new ST-G 220 driver, which will be the latest generation of the ST series, building on the success of the ST-Z and ST-X and featuring the SAT2041 Beta Ti face and complex carbon construction.

Mizuno’s ST-G 220 driver has shorter sidewall tracks that allow a new middle / rear weight port. The combination of three lanes and two movable weights means the ST-G can be converted from an ultra-low rotary bomber to a highly playable mid-turn option, with fade or pull bias in both.

The ST-G 220 driver has three weight courses to help golfers choose even more precisely in their desired stroke and course

‘Having a little extra adjustability is especially handy on tour — where we can customize a player’s flight — or customize for a specific tournament when the player does not want the feel of a brand new driver. , ‘he said. Chris Voshall, Head of Club Design at Mizuno.

The evolution to the weight positions of the ST-G 220 offers a rare combination of backspin and fade / draw adjustable options. Traditionally, adjustable drivers have been more effective with only one of the tasks. In each setting, the ST-G 220 delivers impressive off-center attacks, with constant feedback across the various weight positions.

“The ST-G 220 has so much more effective weight movement along the X and Z axes,” Voshall added. “We can turn it into a very low turn, a more playable middle turn, strongly blurred or unbiased, and just about anything in between.”

Like the ST-Z and ST-X, the ST-G 220 driver also has the latest SAT2041 Beta Ti face from Mizuno. SAT2041 stands for Super / Alloy / Titanium / 20% Vanadium / 4% Aluminum / 1% Tin and offers 17% more tensile strength and 8% more flexibility than traditional 6-4Ti.

Additional features and benefits

Modern player’s profile: Deeper face, shorter from back to front, but with the full capacity of 460 cc.

New multi-thickness CORTECH Face: Refine to maximize the return of Mizuno’s Beta Ti face. Ball speeds have improved the lowest at the club level noticeably.

New double weight center lock: Allows 2 central back weights for deeper CG capability – higher stability, launch and rotation.

Greater pull / blur bias: Increased separation between lateral weight traces.

Consistent fixed feedback: A stricter range of feel and sound across the weights.

Adjustable quick switch: 4 degree cage adjustability (7-11 degrees) to refine look and feel.

Optimized Wave Sole: Make an extra contribution to the ball speed of low at the club level.

The ST-G 220 driver will be available in retail from October at £ 449.

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