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MLS vs League MX: All-Star 2021 game groups, TV channel, stream and how many fans can attend

The stars of MLS and League MX will fight it out for the first time in the All-Star final, and here’s what you need to know about it

The 25th edition of the MLS All-Star Game begins in August after being rescheduled from July 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and this time the MLS All-Stars will take on the competitive league Liga MX for the first time in the history.

The MLS vs League MX All-Star final is an amazing encounter, with the star players from each league lined up to give a brilliant fight.

Purpose gives you all the details about the final, including how you can watch it on TV.

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  1. When is the MLS vs League MX final?
  2. How to watch MLS vs Liga MX live on TV and stream online
  3. MLS vs League MX final groups
  4. Where is the MLS vs League MX final played?
  5. How many fans can attend the MLS vs League MX?

When is the MLS vs League MX All-Star final?

The MLS vs League MX final is played Wednesday, August 25. The kick-off time is set at 21:30 ET / 18:30 PT.

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How to watch MLS vs League MX All-Star final on TV and stream live online

American TV channel US streaming
Fox Sports 1 Foxsports.com / FOX Sports Program

The match is broadcast live in the United States (USA) Fox Sports 1 with Foxsports.com and FOX Sports Program current.

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MLS All-Star vs. League MX All-Star Final Light

MLS All-Star Group

The MLS All-Star Group has not yet been announced as Major League Soccer fans have allowed their own XI to pick players in seven positions.

Voting starts on July 14th and ends on July 21st on the MLS website. Fans’ favorite Carlos Vela is expected to lead the vote.

The final list of MLS All-Star players will consist of 26 players. Twelve players are determined by a vote from a combination of MLS players, fans and media personalities, with each division receiving a third of the votes. The next 12 players will be selected by MLS All-Star and LAFC coach Bob Bradley, with the last two players selected by MLS Commissioner Don Garber.

Fans will be able to select players based on seven positions: goalkeeper, right-back, center, left-back, defensive midfielder, attacking midfielder and forward. The player who receives the most votes in each position is then called an All-Star.

Bradley will coach the MLS All-Stars.

“It’s going to be a special football night in Los Angeles,” Bradley said. “It is always an honor to represent our city and our league on the international stage, and we look forward to competing against the LIGA MX All-Stars.”

League MX All-Star Group

The League MX All-Star team currently consists of 25 players, with the final list for 26 players.

The final player will be decided by Likel MX president Mikel Arriola.

The first 14 players were the nominees and winners of the Balon de Oro Awards, selected from the following categories: best goalkeeper, fullback, defender, defensive midfielder, attacking midfielder, rookie and forward.

Juan Reynoso, head coach of Cruz Azul, who was named League MX head coach of the season, selected 11 players for the group.

Player Position
Jesus Corona Goalkeeper
Guillermo Ochoa Goalkeeper
Alfredo Talavera Goalkeeper
Pablo Aguilar Defender
Matheus Doria Defender
Victor Guzman Defender
Cesar Montes Defender
William Tesillo Defender
Juan Escobar Defender
Jesus Gallardo Defender
Fernando Navarro Defender
Salvador Reyes Defender
Pedro Aquino Midfielder
Fernando Gorriaran Midfielder
Angel Mena Midfielder
Luis Montes Midfielder
Guido Pizarro Midfielder
Luis Romo Midfielder
Rubens Sambueza Midfielder
Diego Valdes Midfielder
Alex Cancelo Forward
Andre Pierre Gignac Forward
Rogelio Funes Mori Forward
Santiago Munoz Forward
Jonathan Rodrguez Forward

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Where is the MLS vs League MX All-Star final played?

The MLS vs League MX final is played at 08:00 California Stadium Banc in Los Angeles, California.

The territory is home to MLS side LAFC and will soon be home to future NSWL team Angel City FC. It has a capacity of 2000.

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How many fans can attend the MLS vs League MX All-Star final?

Full details on how many fans will attend the MLS vs Liga MX have not been confirmed, but interested fans who want to buy tickets can sign up for pre-sale information by signing up. on the official MLS website.

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