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Mourinho received a red card in Roma friendship after storming onto the field in a bad Betis match

The former Tottenham boss flew from the sidelines to contest a dubious goal against his team and was immediately sent off

There is no such thing as a friendly match when Jose Mourinho is involved, and the Roma boss proved so much by getting a red card when temper flared up in Saturday’s pre-match with Betis.

The well-known manager has never been afraid to share his views, but this time his straightforwardness landed him in hot water when he was sent to the locker room with Lorenzo Pellegrini because he stormed onto the field to challenge a referee’s decision. .

Roma ended the match with eight men in a final 5-2 defeat.

What happened?

Roma and Betis were tied 2-2 when Alex Moreno took the lead in just bizarre circumstances with just under an hour played.

Moreno finds himself with the goal at his mercy after Roger Ibanez accidentally led away a cross on his own crossbar, but Moreno slipped when he went to look for the ball and eventually rolled it into a lowered position across the line with a variety of body parts.

One of them, Roma argued, was his left arm, and the referee’s refusal to relinquish the attempt caused the Italians to warm up around him; followed by Mourinho who hurriedly went to the riot.

Pellegrini and the driver were both suspended, the catalyst for a dramatic collapse of Roma.

Two more players, Gianluca Mancini and Rick Karsdop, also saw red to leave the Italians on the field with eight, while Betis took full advantage to score two more goals and defeat their opponents 5-2.

Incredibly, Saturday’s fraka was the third confrontation on the field that Roma have caused in their last two games, suggesting that many more fireworks can be expected once the actual action begins.

‘He’s just kidding off the field’

Mourinho received an exciting reception when he took over from Roma early in the summer, and fans are hoping he can recover Champions League football at the Stadio Olimpico after scoring a low seventh place finish in 2020-21.

Karsdorp is one of the new charges of the special one and insists that he indeed takes his role seriously, despite his greater personality.

‘In the world of football, everyone knows the special one. But I only know him from TV and interviews, “said the defender. The Romanis.

‘Now I can say that I really like how he works, how he makes us practice: the sessions are difficult, but I like it, it makes me stronger.

“I like the way he talks. When I came back from vacation, I was wondering how he was doing, I was curious: I only saw it on TV.

“He’s a person who likes to joke at the right time. And that’s very important for the group. But it just happens off the field. When we work, he is always very serious. ”

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