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Muttiah Muralitharan reveals the reaction of Virender Sehwag after missing the third three-century

Legendary Sri Lanka spinner Muthiah Muralitharan remembered an interesting incident from his playing days former Indian opener Virender Sehwag. Muralitharan revealed what Sehwag told him after missing a three – century match during a Test match between India and Sri Lanka at Mumbai’s Brabourne Stadium in 2009.

It was the third Test in the series, and Sehwag was unbeaten on day 2 at 284 on stumps, but he came out the next day with seven of his triple-hundred. The right-handed batsman was fired by Muralitharan when he tried to take a single.

Murali said when Sehwag returned to the pavilion, he told him he should not have listened Rahul Dravid, which was at the end of the non-strikers. Apparently, Dravid advised Sehwag not to play bragging rights to reach the three-pointer.

‘I remember he batted at 290 against us in Mumbai, and I think it was Dravid who told him to keep going because he could get to his 300 the next day. The next morning he tried to type it, but caught out and bowled and said to me, ‘I should never have listened to Rahul and rather run after you,’ ‘ Muralitharan tells ESPNCricinfo.

Murali praised Sehwag, saying he understood his bowling well and was a dangerous player.

“Sehwag could understand and read what I was bowling. He says he did not read me, but what I can say is that he played me in a different way (than the rest). He was very dangerous. I’ve said it many times, ” added the 49-year-old.

In terms of the epic match, Team India put a huge total of 726 runs on the scoreboard in response to Sri Lanka’s first innings of 393 runs. The visitors were bagged for 309 runs, and India won the match by an innings and 24 runs.

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