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Mwendwa reveals the most important challenge that FKF faced to complete the 2020-21 season

The federation boss explains to Goal some of the problems they faced to make sure the last campaign runs smoothly

Nick Nwendwa, president of the football federation, has revealed the most important challenge to complete the Premier League 2020-21 season.

The curtains for the season fell on August 22, with Tusker crowned champion after hitting the 18-team table with 65 points from 32 games, while KCB was second with 62 points and Bandari third with 53 points.

Although the league has been suspended twice due to the coronavirus pandemic, Mwendwa said Purpose the hardest part they had to deal with was playing venues as they were forced to use three stadiums for a very long time as Kasarani and Nyayo were not accessible.

What did Mwendwa say?

“It was not easy to end the season, and I want to thank the players, the officials and all the stakeholders who did the work to ensure that we completed the season,” said Mwendwa. Purpose to the FKF gala evening on Tuesday.

‘We had to improvise the Utalii Stadium, Ruaraka and Thika Stadium for matches, and we could host matches in the venues three times a day, and you know it’s not good for a playing field, but we do not have options .

Tusker Coach, Robert Matano, Eugine Asike.

‘We could have done it comfortably if we had access to the main places, Nyayo and Kasarani, but that was not the case; we were forced to use what we had and those who stood behind it did a wonderful job. .

‘It was their effort to get together and work to achieve what we managed to end the season; it was difficult, you know, it was not easy and we hope and pray that our clubs can own their stadium, and I feel it is a dream for me that they have to work for. ”

Kenyan teams do not own a stadium

In Kenya, no team owns their stadium, as they are forced to use a government facility to honor their matches.

During the awards, Erib Kapaito, Karibangi Sharks’ goal scorer, was named the most valuable player after finishing the season as the top scorer with 24 goals, while Tusker captain Eugene Asike won the Defender of the Year award. .

Tusker coach Robert Matano was named best for the night, while the young player of the year was won by another Tusker player – Henry Meja.

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