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Mwendwa: What will happen if Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards do not reach the FKF line?

The boss of the federation insists he will not bend the rules that suit K’Ogalo and Ingwe, and warns of further sanctions

Nick Mwendwa, president of the Football Federation, has warned that he will not hesitate to release more punishment on Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards if they continue to “misbehave”.

On Sunday, the federation decided to punish the two Kenyan giants after deciding to skip the long-awaited Mashemeji derby at Thika Stadium and claim their money from monthly grants and also prize money for playing in the FKF final. Shield Cup.

In the penalties, FKF each deducted three points from both teams, fined AFC Leopards 6 million for being the home team and Gor Mahia Ksh 4 million for the away team, and the club’s bosses – Dan Shikanda and Ambrose Rachier – also prohibits two weeks pending a decision by the disciplinary committee.

The Mwendwa tells Purpose he will not hesitate to release more punishment on the two teams, including being relegated to the lower division if they do not follow the law, like other teams in the top flight.

What was said?

‘We must respect the law, and the teams must also respect the rule of law; if they do not act, they should expect more from the federation, ‘Mwendwa said. Purpose.

Gor Mahia vs AFC Leopards.

‘We can not bend the law just because it affects Gor Mahia or AFC Leopards, all teams in the league must respect the laws of the game, and these two are no exception; Bandari or Nzoia, or even KCB, is the same punishment that Gor and AFC have to face.

‘Gor and AFC must wake up now, they must follow the law, and there is no shortcut about it.

‘I want to be very clear: if they do not honor their next two games, I will kick them out of the league, these are the rules, not my rules; all the teams in the league are the same, we saw Sony pass Sugar because they missed three games, so the same rule will apply to the two. ”

Mwendwa also challenged the two clubs to wake up and compete with the best teams in Africa in terms of management and financial stability.

“It is unfortunate that Gor and AFC have refused to build themselves as a brand in Africa, even though they have been around for many years, they have to make themselves big and compete with teams like Al Ahly,” Mwendwa continued.

‘The teams can not be ashamed, they have six bank accounts, they do not have a stable and reliable bank account, sometimes it is even a problem to give them money, and sometimes they will tell you that they have the money in want cash. should such teams work that way? ”

AFC Leopards will take on Nairobi City Stars in their next league assignment on Tuesday, while Gor Mahia will face Kakamega Homeboyz on Wednesday.

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