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New Zealand is the only team that is very close to the Indian team

Former Builder Ashish Nehra believes the only Test team that can almost be compared to Team India is the New Zealand team. In the past year, India has achieved many overseas victories since the 2018 tour to South Africa, while others have not been able to win at home.

Under Virat Kohli, the Indian team won the ICC Test Mace 5 times in a row. The series ended when they lost to the Kiwi team a few months ago in the final of the first edition of the World Test Championship (WTC) final. Speaking of the teams, Ashish Nehra felt that dealing with pressure elevated Kohli’s men to another level.

Indian cricket team. Credits: BCCI

If you’re talking about the Indian team, whether you’re talking about bowling or batting, there’s been a lot of ups and downs over the last year and a half, but if it’s dealing with the pressure from home, the Indian team has it a lot. better done than the English team.

England are also a good team; many of their players were also injured, but they also lost at home to New Zealand and drew the ashes 2-2. So England is not going to win at home. I would say that New Zealand is the only team that is very close to the Indian team, whether it is the white ball or the red ball,Name Nehra.

New Zealand Cricket Team, ICC World Cup Final
New Zealand beat India by 8 wickets in the final of the ICC World Test (Image Credit: Getty)

‘I do not agree 100%’ – Ashish Nehra on Sourav Ganguly in which it is said that India is far ahead of the others

New Zealand are currently the world number 1 team in Tests, a place they stole from India after defeating them by 8 wickets in the WTC final. However, Sourav Ganguly, president of BCCI, claimed that Kohli and co. is the chase suit far ahead. This view does not coincide with that of Ashish Nehra, who believes that New Zealand is neck-to-neck with India.

You talked about the tweet from Sourav Ganguly that they absorbed pressure very well, but the Indian team is far ahead of the rest. I do not agree 100%. If you just go by the numbers, the New Zealand team defeated you when you talked about the WTC.

New Zealand is the only team that is very close to the Indian team - Ashish Nehra
New Zealand Cricket Team (Image Credit: Twitter)

Just like that is his thinking, I believe they are ahead, but with them, if you talk about Test cricket for the past one to six months, the team from India and New Zealand is neck to neck,”Nehra added.

The debate can certainly be resolved when New Zealand tour India later this year for a 2-match Test series. For now, they remain the top two teams in Tests.

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