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Nice president accuses Guendouzi of lying about injuries after a fight in Marseille

The former Arsenal player showed scratches on his neck after the astonishing scenes on Sunday – but was accused of false evidence

Marseille midfielder Matteo Guendouzi is accused by the president of the rivals in Nice of false injuries following a mass battle that abandoned the Ligue 1 match at the weekend.

Former Arsenal midfielder Guendouzi was on the field when teammate Dmitiri Payet threw a bottle thrown at him into the crowd, causing a huge fight between players, fans, coaches and officials.

Guendouzi then showed bruises and scratches on social media, which he said were inflicted during the ugly scenes – but the president of Nice, Jean-Pierre Rivere, accused him of being a liar.

What was said?

“Apart from the photo that is everywhere, there was no violence against OM players,” Rivere said. The team. “By the way, Guendouzi, with photos to prove it, has no marks on his neck when he’s on the field.”

But Jacques Cardoze, Marseille’s communications director, retorted: “There are cuts, we have an independent doctor in Marseille. There will be medical certificates. These are elements that could lead the investigation into the league and the disciplinary committee . “

What happened?

Allianz Riviera fans threw objects at Marseille players during the match, and Payet threw a bottle back into the crowd in the 74th minute after hitting a corner kick.

Shortly afterwards, the fans entered the field and pushed in a billboard to gain access to the field to fight with the Marseille players.

Nice took a 1-0 lead during the incident, but won 3-0 after Marseille players left the field and refused to return to the violence Rivere, however, accused Marseille players of ugly fight incites.

“What catalyzed things was the reaction of two Marseille players (Alvaro Gonzalez and Guendouzi) who met the fans,” Rivere said. RMC.

“It’s disappointing that it ends like this. Things are quite clear. Marseille’s safety should not have come on the field and hit our players. I do not really understand why Marseille did not start again.”

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