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Once a poster boy now in the forced wilderness thanks to the Indian think tank

Three years ago, KL Rahul was at the top of the world. He was painting the field with his lush and sometimes combative hoops in white ball cricket; he played a starring role in India, beating the everyday Eoin Morgan’s English team in the T20 series on the latter’s own track; he has nevertheless had a dazzling last 13-14 months – South African tour – as opener in Test cricket; he even joined the 199 club except for an elite roster consisting of batsmen with 7 consecutive half-centuries in the format.

He could literally do nothing wrong.

KL Rahul [Image-Reuters]

It was the impact of Rahul’s artistry on the bat that people, including notable experts, even began to compare him to the previous greats; a certain journalist has gone so far as to compare him to Sir Vivian Richards.

I know you read the last sentence, but if I’m honest, it’s Rahul’s talent that he can sweep someone on his song and make him bow to his artistry.

Everything went really well until the disastrous Test series against England started. The opening of the innings in England against James Anderson, Stuart Broad, Chris Woakes, with the dukes in their hands, is probably the thought-provoking investigation that could take a toll at this time.

    KL Rahul, James Anderson
James Anderson dismisses KL Rahul at Lord’s [Image- Getty’

And, KL Rahul found that out the hard way as he kept nicking off or getting bowled throughout the series. He did stage his redemption with a sumptuous 149 in the final innings on albeit a flat Oval surface but that knock- as we would find out over the next few months- would merely pepper over the glaring cracks in his Test match batting.

Long story short, Rahul’s confidence started nose-diving with every failure he endured during the 2018-19 Test season and by the time he was eventually dropped in Australia, the artist had been reduced to a walking wicket.

To make matters worse, Rahul got embroiled in an off-field controversy after Hardik Pandya and he got carried away during their visit on a chat show.

KL Rahul, Hardik Pandya and Karan Johar [Image-Google]

He and Pandya were blown away on social media for their comments; hell, one former cricketer even said he would be reluctant to hang out with his family in the same vehicle with the duo.

To sum up the 360-degree turn in Rahul’s fate, the same journalist who compared him to Sir Viv six months ago has now shredded him on live TV.

That’s the reality of life, isn ‘t it?

Either way, Hardik and KL Rahul got a short suspension post which they re-integrated into the essay.

Unlike his fight against the red dukes in England, Rahul thrived against the white kookaburra during the 2019 World Cup. He initially started as a middle-order victim, but the unfortunate injury of Shikhar Dhawan led to him being promoted to his favorite position.

Rahul did decently well at the World Cup and for a moment one thought he might carry that confidence to Test cricket.

But similar issues plagued him in the Caribbean and were dumped for the best out of the game’s longest format.

Rahul has since added another Test cap, although he has traveled with the bat for the past 8 months.

This brings us to the question: Is India busy with KL Rahul?

KL Rahul
KL Rahul (Image Credit: Twitter)

Why do I ask the question? Well! A look at India’s squads for the English Test and Sri Lankan white ball assignments gives you a good idea of ​​where I came from.

After Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul is probably the best white ball batsman of India in both formats. In addition to the last T20I series against England, the morass has been a constant juggernaut in both ODI and T20Is over the past 18-24 months. Would it not have been better if Rahul had traveled to Sri Lanka instead of England for the White Ball series to prepare for the upcoming T20 World Cup instead of warming up the bench or serving drinks in the UK ?

And there are good reasons why I ask this question.

  • The Indian management has made it clear that they consider KL to be a middle order option. So, unless they ‘rest’ either Cheteshwar Pujara or Ajinkya Rahane, Rahul cannot play in the middle order, because even if some of Pujara or Rahane are dropped or rested, it is Hanuma Vihari who will replace him because he is far ahead the link sequence.
  • KL Rahul has not played competitive cricket since the end of April. If he finally warms up the bench for the entire Test summer in England (which is very likely), by the time he marks his guard in Punjab Kings colors in mid-September, he would have had a good 4.5 months without a single one. To play. competitive game.
  • We saw the impact of the lack of playing time for a long time in KL Rahul when he played against England in the T20I series earlier this year after leading the bench during the Test series in Australia and then against the Joe Root unit . .

From one of the most popular properties in Indian cricket to a second middle-order fixture in Test cricket, who does not know when his next international outing is coming, Rahul has come a full circle between England 2018-England 2021.

Will he reach a climax again and finally realize his enormous potential? Well, to make that happen, he has to play regularly. The team management must understand that Rahul – the white ball team – is from now on much more important and valuable than Rahul – the backup of a backup middle-order team in tests. Clearly, they do not understand it now, because if they did, the Karnataka player would have sweated it out in Sri Lanka rather than serve drinks or enjoy a holiday in the UK.

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