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Pakistan and West Indies are similar! Curtly Ambrose Explain why PAK Vs WI Series is an interesting opportunity to note

Former West Indies pacemaker Curtly Ambrose feels that the team from Pakistan and the West Indies are very similar. They may look like the best in the world on some days, or completely reckless on another day. His comments come ahead of Pakistan’s 2021 tour of the West Indies, which begins today (July 28).

The Pakistan tour of the West Indies consists of 4 T20I games. The series has been reduced to four matches instead of five after the recently concluded ODI series against West Indies and Australia was delayed due to Covid-19 releases. Apart from 4 T20I matches, Pakistan will also face the home team West Indies in two Test matches, starting on 12 August and 20 August respectively.

Curtly Ambrose (Image Credit: Twitter)

Pakistan and the West Indies are similar, feel crossed quickly

During the Curtly Karishma show, former West Indies cricketer Curtly Ambrose said Sri Lanka and West Indies would be interesting as both teams are similar to each other.

‘Pakistan and the West Indies are similar. They can get really hot and look like the best in the world, or they can be very cold and seem like they do not know what is going on. There is hardly a middle ground. This is going to make the West Indies-Pakistan series very interesting. Who will blow hot longer? Said Ambrose.

The West Indies legend has said about Pakistani captain Babar Azam that he is looking forward to seeing him play live. He also pointed out that the Pakistani team cannot be taken for granted and that West Indies must play well to beat them.

‘Babar Azam is an amazing cricketer. I look forward to seeing him. I have not seen him live yet. Pakistan is a team that cannot be taken for granted. For the T20s, I’m going to give the West Indies the lead, but they still have to play well to beat Pakistan. “West Indies have not played so well in Test cricket yet, so let’s see how it goes,” Curtly Ambrose added.

England vs Pakistan 2021
England v Pakistan 2021 (Image Credit: Twitter)

Pakistan recently lost in an ODI and T20I series against England. During the England tour, Pakistan lost to England by a second team 3-0 in the ODI series. In the three-match T20I series, England defeated Pakistan 2-1. West India, on the other hand, recently faced Australia in a T20I and ODI series against Australia. West Indies managed to win the T20I series 4-1 but lost the ODI series 1-2.

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