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Patrick Cantlay gets OK from Tiger Woods to use his kaddy

JERSEY CITY, NY – Tiger Woods‘s longtime caddy, Joe LaCava, is back between the ropes Patrick Cantlay – for a week at the Northern Trust.

Cantlay’s regular gift, Matt Minister, is out due to COVID-19, which is why Cantlay reached out to LaCava, who lives about two hours away in Connecticut.

“I first ran it through Tiger,” LaCava said, smiling, knowing the question was coming.

Woods has yet to play this year while recovering from a serious car crash on Feb. 23. LaCava, who only started working for Woods in the fall of 2011, has stayed on the sidelines, except for two previous outings on the PGA Tour Champions to work for an old boss, Fred Couples.

This is the first time LaCava has landed at the PGA Tour since joining Woods at the unofficial PNC Championship in December last year, where the 15-time grand winner along with his son Charlie, in a 36-hole event participated. Before that, it was at the 2020 Masters, which was played in November.

Woods has not offered any official updates on his situation since returning to a Florida hospital in Florida in late March. He posted a photo of himself in his backyard practice area in April while on crutches, and some photos of him popped up without crutches in the intervening months.

LaCava just wants to say that he is always positive and always tries to move forward when communicating with Woods. ‘

Woods withdrew from the Northern Trust when it was last played here two years ago after a round due to stiffness in his back.

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