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Pavel Florin reaches the comment box and grabs the microphone to celebrate after taking a wicket

In an ECS T10 match between Banaesa and Bucharest Gladiators, Pavel Florin grabs the spotlight with a unique celebration after catching a wicket. Pavel Florin has launched a celebration for centuries as social media made a bonkie after watching it. It was almost an equalizer of South Africa spinner Imran Tahir’s celebration as he runs unstoppably.

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The incident occurred in the ninth innings when Pavel Florin of Bucharest Gladiators delivered a loop ball in the middle and down. The batsman who plays it loses his balance and gets a lead for the goalkeeper behind the stumps. While the glove caught it, Florin was ecstatic to the extent that he went up to the commentary.

(Credits: Twitter)

After reaching the comment spot, Florin put on the microphone and started bragging about the wicket by sticking his fist up. He can definitely give competition to Imran Tahir, the veteran, who runs almost to the boundary line. But the Romanian took a step forward and ran to the comment box showing his passion for cricket.

Below is the clip from Pavel Florin’s celebration:

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