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PGA Tour ends weekly at the end of July for COVID-19

The PGA Tour will end its COVID-19 testing program at the end of July, regardless of vaccination status.

From the Minneapolis 3M Championship, players no longer have to pass a negative test before they can compete. Only players who have not been vaccinated and come into contact with someone who has contracted COVID-19 should be tested.

“We are pleased to announce, after consultation with medical advisers of the PGA Tour, that testing of COVID-19 due to the high vaccination rate among all ingredients on the PGA Tour, as well as other positive trends in the country, more will not be required as a condition of competition starting with the 3M Open, “Tyler Dennis, senior vice president of the PGA Tour, wrote in a memorandum to players.

The Tour has not announced how many of its players will be vaccinated. At the Memorial Tournament earlier this month, where Jon Rahm withdrew due to a positive test after being involved in contact detection, tour manager Andy Levinson set the number of vaccinated players at just over 50 percent.

The tour introduced a testing program that begins with the June return to competition in 2020. Players, cadets and PGA tour staff all had to test each week with a positive test meaning withdrawal and isolation.

As part of the new edict, the allowance for players who test positive will also end. Players who show symptoms have access to tests and the tour still advocates that players be vaccinated.

The tour announced in April that testing for those who have been fully vaccinated will end, but that the program will continue until September for those who have not been vaccinated. The new edict will take effect in the week of 20 July.

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