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Pitch intruder disrupts Euro 2020 final as crowd continues problems at Wembley


A tense second half between Italy and England was briefly interrupted when a fan ran onto the pitch

Sunday’s Euro 2020 final between England and Italy had to deal with a short-lived delay after an intruder rushed onto the field in the second half.

With only a few minutes left of the 90 minutes, the game was briefly stopped when a fan ran onto the playing field.

The incident continues the theme of the crowd at Wembley on Sunday as rioting crowds broke security for kick-off for to disrupt the fans of ticket holders during the match .

What happened?

The incident occurred with only a few minutes left and the score on one piece.

Luke Shaw’s early start was canceled out in the 67th minute by an equalizer from Leonardo Bonucci.

And for at least a brief moment, the tension was put on the back burner as the game was stopped when a fan entered the field, thus evading safety.