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‘Players stay awake all night to play it’ – Mourinho calls Fortnite a ‘nightmare’

The Roma boss answered several questions during a Q&A and was especially passionate about a question regarding the popular video game

Jose Mourinho jokingly described the video game Fortnite as a “nightmare” for drivers in a quick Q + A, while also revealing his thoughts on Instagram and his new home in Rome.

Mourinho has been appointed manager of Roma this summer, having been sacked by Tottenham earlier this year.

He was warmly received when he arrived in Rome earlier this month and has now revealed his thoughts on several enjoyable topics, including the popular video game.

What did Mourinho say?

“Fortnite is a nightmare,” the Portuguese driver said. “Football players stay awake all night and play the next day.”

When asked about his feelings about his new club, Roma, he answers in three words: “History, power and passion”.

And Mourinho, who has emerged as something of a superstar on social media due to his posts on Instagram, simply describes the platform as ‘fun’.

What is Fortnite?

One of the most popular video games of all time, Fortnite was originally released in 2017, with the game’s Battle Royale mode finally pushing it into the mainstream.

Many of the world’s leading players have shown their affinity for the game, such as Harry Kane, Neymar and Pele.

Mourinho’s history in Italy

This is not Mourinho’s first stop in Italy, as he has achieved unprecedented success at Inter.

He famously won the treble while in charge of the club before leaving to manage Real Madrid.

In the years that followed, he also took the lead at Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham before returning to Italy with Roma this summer.

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