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Pogba is not sold by Man Utd – Solskjær

The midfielder has less than a year left on his contract, but the club is trying to persuade him to sign an extension.

Paul Gunnar Pogba is not leaving Manchester United in the current transfer window, Ole Gunnar Solskjær insists.

The midfielder is still linked with a move away from Old Trafford, as Paris Saint-Germain reportedly want the French player.

Pogba is in the last year of his contract with United and Solskjaer said in July that the club was in talks to bind him to a new deal.

What was said?

Although Pogba has so far not reached an agreement with the Red Devils, Solskjaer does not see him leave until the transfer window closes on 31 August.

“Yes, I expect Paul to be here when the first of September comes,” the United boss told reporters.

‘If you have a five-year contract or a one-year contract, you have to take on the challenge of performing at a consistent level when signing with Man Utd.

‘I’m not at all concerned that the length of any player’s contract changes the level of their motivation and inspiration. You want to play well for your team, your teammates, yourself, your family, every time you play.

‘What I expect is that the attitude and approach to each game is the right one. That we have the same focus, the right focus, the right professionalism, and with that I do not have to worry about Paul at all. ”

He added: ‘As a footballer, if you look around and see good footballers next to you, it puts another layer of responsibility on yourself and your own achievements.

‘You have to play well to be in the team, you have to play well to be successful in this team.

‘Paul enjoys his football and I have said many times that my job is to make sure we get the best out of Paul and Bruno (Fernandes) and all the very good players in a team structure.

‘For me to keep players at Man Utd if you see a good team and get good results.

“There was no better place to be when I was a player because we kept winning.

Will Pogba sign a new agreement?

The future of the 28-year-old has been constantly speculated, but Solskjaer is confident that he will commit to a new agreement.

The Norwegian said last week that the progress United have made over the past year will persuade Pogba that the club can fit his ambition and lead to him signing an extension.

Meanwhile, former midfielder Paul Scholes predicted he would stay with the Premier League for the long term, saying: ‘I think he will eventually sign a new contract.

“If this team progresses that way, it’s progressing the way I want – I do not want to get too excited – but it’s a team that can go on to win trophies, and that’s what it wants to do.

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