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Premier League’s most sacked player, Hreidarsson, chooses the five best chances of survival for Brentford and Co

After throwing himself out of the top level five times, an Icelandic legend was well informed in the requirements to try to beat the fall.

Hermann Hreidarsson has more than 330 appearances in the Premier League to his name, along with a medal for the FA Cup winner and 15 years of experience in English football, but also has the unfortunate honor of knowing that no player in history has penetrated not level on more occasions than he has.

The legendary Icelandic defender tumbled through a striking trap door five times in the course of a prestigious career, while taking backward steps while serving Crystal Palace, Wimbledon, Ipswich, Charlton and Portsmouth.

He also showed up for Coventry and Brentford, with the latter on the verge of finds them for the first time since 1946-47 in the big time when a new season kicks off Friday, and Hreidarsson has tried to give some advice to the high-flying bees and the rest of those who want to send a course to safety in 2021-22.

How to survive in the Premier League

He both fell and conceded, and Hreidarsson was better placed than most to discuss survival – only Nathan Blake endured pain as often as he did.

With that in mind and with the bees ready for a historic but testing opener at home for Arsenal, Purpose sat down with Hreidarsson – who worked with the British cryptocurrency exchange CoinJar at the launch of their partnership with Brentford – to find out the five key boxes that survival hopefuls should mark.

1. Consistency.

“The manager sticks to his conviction and his character. The most important thing is that he does not lag behind what he did to make a team so great to look at. Brentford is so good because aggressive character shines If they stick to what they believe in and are consistent with it, do not do it for a week against this team and then back down, if they do it consistently, that’s the most important key.

“It’s about style and approach, being brave and getting behind points and teams and putting opposition on the back foot, being disruptive and stopping their game plan. That’s the key. Brentford have the power, energy and exciting players around the part of the game, to be annoying to the opposition. ”

2. Spirit

“You want the team spirit and work ethic to be absolutely spot on. Today you can not afford the luxury player of 10; everyone has to be there, week in and week out.”

3. Calm

‘You’re in a top league and you’re not going to win every week, you can lose three games because the league is so brilliant, not because you turned overnight.

‘You have to keep this conviction, and it has to be a happy work environment, a pleasant place where you show up at work and know that you are heading in the right direction, you do not crumble or panic, we will stick to it. You do not become a bad player overnight, but just remember that a week in football is long.

4. Experience

‘Brentford have an excellent balance in the team – there is captain Pontus Jansson, who has played for Sweden for years, then the two Danes, [Christian] Norgaard and [Mathias] Jensen, who played in the Euros, and they will have the compassion and knowledge to watch games when needed or to keep everyone calm.

Brentford CoinJar

5. Patience

“I completely agree with the trusted managers. It’s not a club that should be there, there was no pressure on Brentford to be in the Prem, but that’s not expected, and they did it because they went slowly but surely. through the years with the data analysis, how they recruit and improve and educate players to be a Brentford player, it was a long process and it did not happen overnight. It was not a shock to the system that Brentford went up because they were building slowly but surely.

“If you keep the consistency and what they did, it’s a 21st century football club and they lead in a lot of areas. I’m sure a lot of clubs look with envy at how they run the club. They’m doing very well year after year without spending millions and millions, it’s a setup and homework, it’s impressive and inspiring to see how things can be done without it ‘if you have the money, then you’re the best’. More people will look at them and think there are other ways to do it rather than throwing money around. “

Who will fight the decline in 2021-22?

20 clubs were offered a clean slate before the 2021-22 campaign, with optimism and confidence always high on the road to a given season.

It can be broken pretty quickly, and it’s important not to fall out of the blocks, but at this point anything is possible and fans across the country will be stuck in the belief that it could be their year.

However, three have to go, and a trapdoor will open in May that will see a trio of teams tumble into the championship.

Hriedarsson is confident that Brentford will not be part of the pack as he boldly supports the Beast to follow in the footsteps of Leeds United in 2020-21 and finish in ninth place, but the outfit in West London will face many challenges in the coming months. .

They are one of the favorites at the booklets to go with, along with their new sons, Norwich City and Watford, but Crystal Palace, Burnley, Newcastle United, Southampton, Wolves and Brighton can all be found in one figure. prizes and it’s a dangerous game to try to predict something before kicking a ball.

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