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R Sridhar reveals what James Anderson said to Jasprit Bumrah after confronting deadly bouncers in the Lords Test

The second test between England and In the at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London attracted worldwide attention as it was an exciting encounter that got to the point. Test matches do not regularly produce such high-voltage drama and entertainment. The momentum continued throughout the course of the match as both teams did their best to keep fans on the edge of the seats.

Eventually, Team India won by a large margin of 151 runs in the last hour of day 5. Many moments in the game caught the eyeballs. But one of the most talked about incidents took place on the third day between the Indian speedster Jasprit Bumrah and a veteran English pacemaker James Anderson.

It all happened when Bumrah bowled a 10-ball to Anderson when he dropped four balls. During the end, the Ahmedabad native bowled back-to-back bouncers for Anderson. However, the Lancashire cricketer seems to have been upset when he was involved in a heated conversation with the Indian matchmaker.

Although Anderson retired in the next over, but the drama and heat of this incident exaggerated the next two days with individuals from both teams involved in the word war. But why Anderson was unhappy and what exactly he told Bumrah was not revealed.

After the second Test, the Indian field coach R Sridhar describes the whole story during a conversation with an off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin on his YouTube program ‘Kutti Story’.

Sridhar revealed that Bumrah went to Anderson towards the end to end the case and let him know that the buffers were unintentional. The field coach said English bowler Bumrah had set aside and said he had deliberately sent off the faster deliveries.

‘In turn, the boys walk back to the dressing room. “Then Bumrah walked past Jimmy and just tapped him to tell him it was not intentional.” said Sridhar.

“We all know Bumrah. He’s such a cool guy. So he went to talk to him and ended the case, but Jimmy put him aside. He set him aside and told him: ‘You only get to the other batsmen at 85 km / h; you bowl 90 miles for me. This is fraud. I will not accept, ” added Sridhar.

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