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‘Rachier, do not listen to sounders’ – Nyangi launches a scathing attack on Gor Mahia boss

The former official revealed her great dissatisfaction with recent results, free player transfers and the management of the club

Former Gor Mahia organizing secretary Judith Nyangi has launched an attack on chairman Ambrose Rachier following a series of poor performances by the club in the FKF Premier League.

K’Ogalo has been non-profit in the last seven games and Nyangi has directed her anger at the chair and pointed out the key factors that could work against the club.

Nyangi, who is a well-known defender of player rights, believes the club boss is completely guilty of everything that is wrong with the club.

House party

“I believe you had a very nice sleep and sweet dreams after being beaten by Ulinzi. I believe the club is a sweet music in your ears for seven games without a win,” Nyangi posted. Facebook.

‘And I’m sure, as we prepare to receive proper beatings on Sunday by AFC Leopards, we’re also arranging a party at your house to celebrate the downfall of Gor Mahia.

‘I believe the above is true: because you thrive when the executive committee is fighting and divided, you like to hear that players have refused to go to practice due to salary issues.

“You like to see Betsafe put money off so you can blame the bad results. And if they make payments, you’re delighted because 50% of what they pay goes to brokers and the remaining 50% in the payment of” debt. “go. to see members speak, speak and speak, knowing that you have accomplices who will die for your name.

“You are doing an excellent job as chairman; the silence is very beautiful and wonderful, the club is performing excellently and the results are so sweet, the executive committee is extremely united and focused, the club has millions in our three payroll numbers and bank accounts and it is beautiful “All our players have five-year contracts and it’s great, nobody’s going away. ‘

Best management style

Recently, Gor Mahia launched an initiative to see them involve members and supporters to raise money to stabilize the club, and Nyangi also spoke sarcastically about the move.

“Of the 200 million we’re looking for, you’ve already given your loyal fans 199 million and just a million to go. It’s going well and you need no other sponsors,” she added.

‘Your driving style is the best and you do not need anyone’s support. The Fifa / Caf ban and regulations are being complied with and Gor is enjoying the moment.

Gor Mahia Chairman Ambrose Rachier.

“Enjoy the day Strong. Do not be deceived that things are bad. I worship, we’re in the right direction. I worship your loyal fans, voters, supporters and sycophants are all happy with the team and are behind you.

“Do not call for meetings, do not do for members consultations. Do not do. Things are OK. You can handle it as you have done since 2008.

“You have the money and a pool, and that’s what Gor fans and members want to see. Do not listen to sounders like us, we know nothing.”

After meeting and winning the FKF Shield Cup final, Gor Mahia will face arch-rivals AFC Leopards in the league on Sunday.

After their recent result, Gor Mahia is eighth on the leaderboard, 15 points behind leader Tusker.

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