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Rangers boss Gerrard is reacting to renewed talks over replacing Klopp at Liverpool

The Reds legend has made no secret of his desire to return to Anfield at some point, but the day is still a long way off.

Steven Gerrard maintains this a return to Liverpool does not form part of his immediate future plans, with the Reds legend fully dedicated to a title winner in the Scottish giants Rangers.

The former English captain is still linked to a homecoming at Anfield, with his contract with Ibrox reflecting that of Jurgen Klopp at Anfield – with both men linked to conditions until 2024.

It is still suggested that Gerrard be offered the chance to succeed a Premier League and Champions League award-winning coach in a familiar environment, but he is not currently thinking about that.

What was said?

Ask again about the Liverpool rumors by ESPN“I can not control any media speculation about my position,” Gerrard said.

“I do not welcome it, nor do I add to it. I’m just focusing on the work I have here, and I’m very flattered and grateful for the post.

“I’m very happy here, I’ve said it on several occasions, it’s a great club, I’m determined, I’m happy and can continue to develop and keep moving this team forward.”

How did Gerrard fare at Rangers?

Steven Gerrard Rangers 2020-21

The 41-year-old cut his coaching staff in the academic ranks at Liverpool before moving on to the reins at Rangers in 2018 on his own.

An immediate impact was made in Glasgow, with impressive progress culminating in a long-awaited Scottish Premiership title triumph in 2020-21.

Gerrard oversees 112 wins from his 170 games in charge of the Gers, with only 21 defeats, but he remains aware of the need to raise the bar.

He added: ‘I think at Rangers you always try to recover the assignment.

“Since I first came here, we have completed many of the challenges that have been set for me, my staff and the players, but the goalposts always move at a club that experiences the kind of success that Rangers have.

‘We’ve had incredible success, we made history last year, but it’s about parking it now and building on it.

“I think this job comes with great pressure every season, no matter if it’s a success. There are always things to improve on, you always have to set up and get ready to start again. The pressure never changes, i do not feel under any pressure other than what i really did on day one.

“My job every day has the responsibility to try to improve this club, and we strive for success. We now have targets for the end of the season, and that is to try to be as dominant as we can and to get. as much silverware as we can add to last year. ‘

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