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Rohit Sharma fails to convert international performance into IPL, says Saba Karim

The former wicketkeeper of India, Saba Karim, believes Rohit Sharma, captain of the Indian Mumbai, is not repeating his international form in IPL.

Rohit Sharma was in phenomenal form in the Test series recently concluded against England, where he scored 368 runs from eight overs on an average of 52.57.

Rohit Sharma’s performances do not get much attention in IPL: Saba Karim

Rohit scored 250 runs from seven overs in IPL 2021 and he could only manage one half-century in the first phase of the tournament.

Saba Karim feels that the performance of Rohit Sharma is overshadowed by the other batsmen from Mumbai.

Rohit Sharma (Image Credit: Twitter)

“He needs to improve in his batting. He is the captain and the Mumbai Indians win trophies under him, that’s another thing. They have a lot of contest winners, so his performances don’t get much attention. His most important role in the team is as a batsman, “said Saba Karim on YouTube channel Khelneeti.

‘It’s a strange case. “Every time he goes to the IPL, he is in brilliant form in international cricket, but he does not succeed in transforming it during the tournament, ‘he said in an interview.

Rohit Sharma was named the captain of the Mumbai Indians in the middle of the 2013 season, and from there he won the team five IPL titles and a T20 Cup in the Champions League.

Saba Karim believes that a player is very distracted by the burden of captaincy and this ultimately reflects his batting performance.

‘I sometimes feel that a player is used too much in captaincy, and it is possible that his focus is not batting … If you are a batsman captain, your first role is to make runs with the bat. “Captainhood gets better with the confidence of batting that also happened in Rohit Sharma’s case,” said Karim.

Saba Karim
Saba Karim (Image Credit: Twitter)

However, if you have been captain for a long time, the focus, preparation and temperament you need to have there will be disturbed. You usually think more than a captain about batting and bowling strategies.

‘It is very important for a captain to have clarity when he is going to bat. “I expect to see this change in his batting this time, but hopefully it is not against Delhi Capitals (laughs),” he added.

Rohit Sharma will lead Mumbai Indians in the second phase of IPL 2021 as the five-time IPL champions currently sit fourth on the points ladder.

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