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‘Ronaldo will have a negative impact’ – Carragher and Schmeichel debate Man Utd’s big signing

The two former stars in the Premier League reflect their former clubs as they discussed the return of the Portuguese star to Old Trafford

Jaime Carragher and Peter Schmeichel are trading barbs over Manchester United’s signing Cristiano Ronaldo, as the former Liverpool defender says he thinks the deal will be a bad deal for his former opponents.

Ronaldo moves to Man Utd this summer and returns to the club 12 years after initially leaving for Real Madrid to continue to be considered one of the best of all time.

And with his return, Schmeichel says Manchester United can now reach a new level while Carragher is not so sure.

What was said

“I’ve never seen so many ex-players from Manchester United who are almost loving through the sign of Cristiano Ronaldo, so this is a big moment for them,” Carragher said during a call for CBS ‘coverage of the Promote Champions League in USA.

“He is without a doubt one of the greatest players ever, but I actually think it could have a negative effect on Manchester United.”

In response, Schmeichel shot back at the former Liverpool center, saying he believes Ronaldo has what it takes to take Man Utd to a new level.

“I do not think you have said anything wrong, but there is a word you have said: ‘I think it will’. I think you should say ‘I hope there is a negative effect’. “I do not think there is a negative effect on the signing,” said the former Red Devils goalkeeper.

“I think it’s a market signature. It’s one of the best signings the club has made in ten years, and it’s something we as fans have been hoping for on something of this caliber.

‘People say he’s past the expiration date, that he’s not as good as when he was at Juventus, but in his poor season, which was at Juventus three years ago, he scored 28 goals last season, he scored 37 goals.

‘If you can score half of it or add half of the goals to a Manchester United season, then it’s going to be a fantastic season.

“Also because of who he is, the experience he has at international level, it gives us a chance to compete until the end in the Champions League. PSG this season, it looks on paper, it looks like an unbeatable team “But they have a lot to prove. And so does Liverpool.”

Ronaldo’s potential debut

Ronaldo could make his long-awaited second debut at Old Trafford as early as this weekend, while Man Utd will host Newcastle.

After that, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team will visit Young Boys on Tuesday for their first Champions League group stage match of the new season.

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