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Salman Butt supports Ravi Shastri

Former Pakistani player Salman Butt supported Indian head coach Ravi Shastri after the latter was accused of breaking the COVID-19 bubble to attend his book show.

In recent events that have unfolded in the Indian camp, which also led to the call of the fifth Test in Manchester after physiotherapist Yogesh Parmar tested COVID-19 positively. The entire blame lies with Ravi Shastri, who attended his own book launch event and allowed some Indian players to be present before the oval test.

Ravi Shastri tested positive for COVID-19 during England’s fourth Test between England and India

India’s head coach, Ravi Shastri. (Photo: BCCI)

Shastri himself tested positive on the fourth day of the oval test and was kept under isolation along with bowling coach Bharat Arun and field coach R Sridhar.

And even if Ravi Shastri went out, where should people stop him ?: Salman Butt

Butt said that if Shastri broke the protocols, why was there no one to stop him and ensure that the rules were followed? The former Pakistani cricketer also pointed out that people in the stadium do not follow the COVID-19 standards and cites the example of a joker Jarvo69 entering the field several times.

Salman Butt
Salman Butt (Image Credit: Twitter)

‘We saw in the crowd that no one wears masks, no one follows social distance, he (Ravi Shastri) is right that everything is open there. Even ‘Jarvo’ entered the field and clashed with Jonny Bairstow, they caught him well but no one talked about it. It was not the kind of bubble where strict rules and regulations are applied, “Butt said on his YouTube channel.

Jarvo69 bumps into Jonny Bairstow at the oval
Jarvo69 bumps into Jonny Bairstow at the oval. Image Credits: Twitter

‘And even if he went out, where would the people stop him? Why did no one ask him not to break the bubble? It’s not as if the bubble is just a namesake; there are people who ensure that the protocols are followed. There was nothing like it.

‘He came in and collided with Jonny Bairstow and everyone saw him. What was the reaction? He was treated like a normal spectator who came in and was then forced out. If the same thing had happened in an Asian country, England would have been confused and other countries would have started talking as well. But just because it was in England, there is no question, “he added.

India were ahead 2-1 in the two-match Test series before being relegated and their fate has yet to be decided.

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