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Saul made ‘big mistakes’ during his debut at Chelsea, says Tuchel

The midfielder arrives on the deadline he borrowed from Atletico Madrid, but struggled in his introduction against Villa on Saturday

Thomas Tuchel said Saul Niguez made ‘big mistakes’ in his Chelsea debut against Aston Villa on Saturday, but the manager took responsibility for the circumstances.

He chose his team and thought the midfielder could immediately adjust to the pace of the game before replacing the Spaniard in the half-time of a 3-0 victory.

Saul, who was on loan at Atletico Madrid, did not train with the Blues in the pre-season, as he arrived just before the transfer deadline.

What was said?

“I had the feeling he was struggling,” Tuchel said. Sky Sports. ‘There were some big mistakes, pass mistakes, and he struggled with the intensity. You could see that he was not completely adjusted.

“It’s entirely my responsibility. I felt he could step in for us and play at that level. I [then] thought it might be better to change him, but it does not change anything [about how I see him]. “

The head coach later added: ‘It is very difficult. You can do it or not. chance for Aston Villa. “

Saul’s promise to Chelsea

After joining Chelsea two weeks ago, he promised to improve his game in La Liga, where his form has declined in recent seasons.

“I want to go back to the Saul I want to see,” he told Ibai Llanos on streaming platform Twitch. “I do not want to see the Saul you have seen over the last two years. I was very frustrated because I could not show people what I am capable of.”

Bigger picture

Saul came to Stamford Bridge as a star with a great playing experience that still raises questions about his ability to return to the highest levels.

The 26-year-old was expropriated three times in just 45 minutes when he struggled on the ball as a central midfielder. He was determined to play for Chelsea in part because of the chance to play the position rather than play out wide, but his introduction was difficult.

Still, Saul will likely get plenty of opportunities to prove himself in the middle of the park while Tuchel tries to turn his team through an overloaded schedule.

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