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Shahid Afridi supports Pakistan after their humiliating loss to England

Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi is the rarest to face the national team amid the setback after their whitewash against England. Several former cricketers hit the men green for losing the three-match ODI series to an English team of second strings. Shahid Afridi said that the current harvest is the best side they can cultivate and that they need support in difficult times.

In the first two one-day matches, Pakistan’s batting cost them because their mainstay and captain, Babar Azam, failed to make proper scores. Babar Azam started the series with 0 and 19 before beating a best 158 ​​career in the final in Edgbaston, while Tourists won 332 for England. But during this event, their bowling was the culprit because it could not defend a giant score. Pakistan’s poor fielding effort was also one of the key factors in that match.

Pakistan. (Credits: Twitter)

Shahid Afridi emphasized that the current crop of national players is the best in terms of talent and ability, as some of them have performed consistently. The 41-year-old conceded that management needs to maximize their talent and keep them hungry for success. Afridi also feels that the players need their full support in test times.

“At the moment, the players who represent the Pakistan national team are the best we have in terms of talent and ability. These players have been performing consistently lately, and some of them have been performing for quite some time. These are our best players, these are the ones whose talent we need to harness. We need to keep them motivated and successful. We have to support the players in difficult times as a cricket fan and former player, ” Afridi said as quoted by India Today.

All our players need to support their abilities and play to their true strength: Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi
Shahid Afridi (Image Credit: Twitter)

Shahid Afridi further stated that he can accept a team that loses as long as they fight well. While the retired everyday believes that attack is the best defense, he believes that Pakistani cricketers should find a middle ground as they can defend or attack well. Afridi wants players to support their abilities.

I can assume the team will lose as long as they spear it out on the field. I feel that cricket has changed a lot over the last few years. Now attack is the best defense and there is no other way to succeed than to play with an attacking intent, especially in the white ball formats. Our players are good at attacking or blocking. Maybe we need to find a middle ground, especially for the ODI format. All our players must support their abilities and play to their true strength. ” he added.

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