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Shot Scope statistics show European and US golfers closely match – Golf News

While the booklets have Team USA as strong favorites to win back the Ryder Cup during next week’s matches in Whistling Straits, the honor seems a bit more when it comes to the match between amateur golfers on either side of the pond.

Shot Scope, the industry leader in advanced GPS and automatic shooting detection technology, has unveiled some exclusive statistics comparing the ability of European and American golfers ahead of the 2020 Ryder Cup in Whistling Straits.

In true Ryder Cup fashion, Shot Scope compared European and American golfers in a 12 v 12 ‘Sunday singles’ event. Each game contains a different performance statistic designed to discern the ability of golfers on either side of the Atlantic. After all 12 games were played, the score was tied, and the USA finally took the title of ‘best club golfers’ in a play-off match decided by the number of holes.

The data for this project was taken from 1,000 European and 1,000 American Shot Scope users. In 2020, these groups of golfers will achieve exactly the same score to par, ensuring that the playing field is as level as possible for ‘the match’.

The data highlighted that European Shot Scope users play golf more frequently, averaging 5.76 rounds per month, compared to 4.28 rounds played by US golfers. Europeans also play a greater variety of courses, playing an average of 2.84 different courses per month compared to 2.36 played by American golfers. However, the data indicates that American golfers tend to play on longer courses, with an average length of 6,239 yards, compared to the slightly shorter average of 6,176 yards in Europe.

Although the results show that Team Europe was clearly at the forefront in terms of average score, Team USA dominated both the battle and the greens to achieve the overall victory.

Some of the results in this list have context. For example, Team USA took an average of six meters the point in the ‘Distance’ category, which could potentially lead to higher average temperatures or more rolling out on the fairways. Team USA also bagged the points on the greens, which can testify to the more consistent pit surfaces they enjoy throughout the year.

Shot Scope has now detected more than 100 million golf strokes around the world. From the data set, they determined that golfers miss the green short 46% of the time, but both Team Europe and Team USA outperform the total in this study, by 51% and 49% respectively.

Shot Scope’s V3 watch serves as a GPS and a shot tracking device

The percentage of fairways hits was also a strong match, with the US up just 2.7%. This is a common theme among golfers around the world, as Shot Scope has confirmed that the smallest performance difference across all skill levels is the accuracy of the fairway hit.

Shot Scope’s performance tracking technology can help every golfer improve, while the average Shot Scope user improves his handicap by 2.7 strokes. The company’s performance-tracking V3 watch also boasts ultra-accurate GPS technology as well as ClubSense and PinCollect technologies that automatically detect shots and pits on the track.

V3 users have unlimited access to tour-quality performance statistics at the touch of a button. More than 100 different analyzes can be reviewed via the Shot Scope V3 mobile app or the Shot Scope’s online dashboard on various clubs, discount points, approaches, short matches and pitches.

For more information on Shot Scope’s performance tracking V3 GPS watch, visit www.shotscope.com/products/golf-gps-watches/v3/.

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