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Six Exercises to Try to Hole More Wells – Golf News

What’s the biggest difference between the PGA and LPGA professionals you see on TV, and the weekend fighter amateur golfer? It’s not the 300+ yard or their ability to hit iron shots close. Comfortable golfers lose shots on the green. They sit 3 and 4 times several times per round, while the advanced player usually has 1 set or 2 set shots on most greens. It makes a big difference on their scorecard.

At the end of the day, the professionals came back to exercise and get fit. Amateur golfers do not do the right thing golf exercises and do not spend enough time practicing their short game. We definitely recommend that you spend more time getting in ‘wave form’, but we’ll focus this article on helping you make more holes!

What is drilling?

What is the difference between a tip and a drill? A tip is easy for you to try. For example, make sure your golf ball is clean before you sit down. Did you know that even 1 grain of sand on your ball can make you stop swinging? Always bring your favorite golf towel to the green and clean your ball before sitting. Another example of a tip is “keep your head still.” Good feedback, but you still need to execute properly.

A putt exercise gives you a way to exercise. This is a process to follow that will help you improve your stroke and your ability to control the ball on the green. To put it another way, the right pit drills will teach you how to make more pitfalls.

Why is it important to use well drills? Poor exercise habits do not give you the results you want. Simply hitting holes on the practice green will not make you a better putter. You need focused exercises that will improve the mechanics of your stroke and build your confidence on the greens. We can help! We give below detailed instructions on how to perform our favorite 6 pit exercises. Try them and become the boss of the moss!

Put drills to try

For each drill below, we give you instructions, explain why it will help and give you some ideas to pick it up if you find the drill boring. Strength!

Pull the farm drill

  1. Find a fairly flat foot of ten feet on the practice green
  2. Try to make the pit – if you do, consider it a bird
  3. If you miss it, pull the ball back to one full putter length from the hole (it will be about 3 feet)
  4. If you make this set, consider it a par
  5. If you miss it, pull it back to the 3-foot
  6. Continue this process until you make the 3-foot set, adding one stroke each time
  7. Play 9 holes and keep track of your score – how many above did you score?

How does it help you to sit down? First, it allows you to practice making a 10-foot “birdie”, but the real key to shooting a good score in this hole exercise is to make the 3-foot holes. You can save a lot of strokes on the track if you always make your 3 foot testers.

Spice It Up

There are several ways you can give the Pull Back Putting drill more excitement. Keep a “track record” for the 10-foot set – how many under par can you shoot? Try more challenging first holes – add breaks or try longer distances.

2. Around the world to drill

  1. Choose a relatively flat hole on the green and make an even circle around the hole with ten golf courses. Each tee should be ~ 4 feet from the hole.
  2. The goal is to work your way into the circle and make all ten holes in a row – if you miss a shot, start again.
  3. Sounds simple, but is very challenging.


How does the Worldwide Putting Drill help you to sit? Confidence is crucial at the greens, and if you perform this exercise, you will see many wells go into the hole. By completing the full circle, you get 10 set strokes with slightly different fractions.

Spice It Up

Try 5 or 6 feet if you master the 4 foot circle. It is very difficult to make 10 set strokes in a row of any length. Choose a hole with a significant fracture – it tests your ability to make wells that require you to aim at the edge or even outside the cup.

3. One-handed drill

This one sounds and feels weird, but it works! Simply hit a few holes by holding your putter with one hand. Use your right hand when playing right-handed. Place your left hand on your left hip.

How does it help you to sit down? This is the perfect putting exercise to help you feel the putter during your stroke. The putter should open slightly and close during your stroke – if done correctly, release the putter through the ball at the exact point of contact. By sitting one hand, you can feel this version better. It may feel uncomfortable, but imagine how easy it will be if you use both hands again!

Spice It Up

Challenge one of your buddies to a one-handed match. If you are using this pit exercise for the first time, you will have many opportunities to laugh at each other.

4. Gate drill

The Gate Putting Drill was made famous by Tiger Woods. Has anyone made more clutch pieces than Tiger?

  1. To set up the drill, you need four tees. The first two tees should be placed 6 feet from the hole and they should only be wider than the width of your putter head.
  2. Place your golf ball between these two tees.
  3. Align the other two T-pieces about three feet from the hole. The gap between these runs should be slightly larger than the golf ball.
  4. Now that you have set everything, try to hit the ball by swinging your putter through the first set of tees, and the ball must roll through the second set of tees, before you find the bottom end of the hole.
  5. You may need to adjust the 2nd set of teas to ensure that you have read the break of the container correctly.

How does the hole well drill help your stroke? Both t-pieces play a critical role in this exercise. If your putter hits the first set of tees while making a salad, the arc of your stroke is too far outside or inside. If the ball hits the 2nd set, you pull or push the ball. If you roll the ball through the gate and roll into the hole, you know you hit a perfect shot!

Spice It Up

Is this exercise too easy for you? Challenge yourself by adding a 3rd set of tees for the ball to roll through. You can also try it on a longer stop.

5.1-2-3 Place drill

  1. Go to the practice green with 3 golf balls and your putter.
  2. Place the balls on the same line, but from 3 different distances (we recommend starting with 3 ‘, 6’ and 9 ‘).
  3. Start from the nearest ball and make all three set shots.
  4. If you miss one, start all over again at the 3 foot stop.

How does it improve your pit? The 1-2-3 Putting Drill helps you develop a constant stroke and improve your confidence while watching putts roll in the hole.

Design a practice routine that works for you

Most amateur golfers spend all their practice time hitting balls on the driving range and ignore their short game. Do not make this mistake. We recommend the 50/50 rule. If you practice two hours each week, spend at least half the time on your short game.

Use your time to practice well. You do not have to complete all 6 drills above, but find the 2-3 you enjoy and work well for you. If this helps, you should draw up an exercise plan before you arrive at the course. For example, plan to sit for ten minutes with one hand to get the feel, complete the 5-foot Around the World well drill and finish with the 1-2 ‘, 10’ and 15 ‘1-2-3 drill. You can complete it in less than 30 minutes and leave the green a better putter.

The most important thing is to enjoy the game. Good luck and roll in some birds!

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