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Solskjær claims Ronaldo will never sign for Manchester City

The Portuguese star has returned to Manchester United after joining the city’s rivals

Cristiano Ronaldo would never sign for Manchester City this summer, according to Ole Gunnar Solskjær, head coach of Manchester United.

Ronaldo’s agent, Jorge Mendes, had talks with a number of clubs, and United’s rivals were the favorites to catch up with the Portuguese until United negotiated to bring him back to Old Trafford.

United fans were upset about the prospect of joining Ronaldo at City, but Solskjær refuted the suggestion that it was ever possible.

What was said?

With Ronaldo prepares to make his second debut for United in their game against Newcastle on Saturday, the Norwegian was asked whether the prospect of the forward joining City was ‘scary’.

“I do not think there was a prospect of that,” he replied.

He wondered if Ronaldo could ever join City, saying, “I don’t think so.”

What was the situation?

Mendes has been in talks with several clubs over the summer, while his client has been trying to get away from Juventus.

It is understood that Harry Kane was the main goal of City this summer. When the Tottenham man declared his intention to stay at his club, City explored the possibility of signing Ronaldo.

With ongoing talks, however, United stepped in and Sir Alex Ferguson contacted his former player about returning to Old Trafford. Within a few hours, an agreement was reached to return.

Will Ronaldo take penalties at Man Utd?

Solskjaer has enough to work out, now Ronaldo has signed again, with one of his biggest decisions on penalty kicks. Bruno Fernandes is United’s target for kicks, but if Ronaldo is the first choice for Portugal, will Fernandes have to give them up for his team-mate?

“I knew the question would come, and of course I talked to the two of them,” Solskjaer said. “We have two players that I would trust with my life to put away a penalty kick, and that’s an excellent position to be in.

“They will know through the conversations we had and the conversations we will have before the games. It will be my decision what will happen. The two of them will continue to do what they do when asked to take the fines. . ”

He replied: ‘I have Cristiano, Bruno, Marcus’ or not [Rashford], I have players I trust to score every time they get up to get a penalty kick.

‘I’ve had this conversation, of course, and they know my point of view. They know I’ll decide who’s going to shoot the penalty if we get one.

“It’s not going to cause a problem. We are here to win together. It’s not about my numbers or your numbers. It’s about us as a team and the decision is going to be mine. “

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