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Southgate calls on England supporters not to handcuff Italy’s national anthem ahead of Euro 2020 final

The manager appealed to supporters to show respect and not to give the opposition extra motivation

Gareth Southgate has called on English fans not to cheer on Italy’s national anthem ahead of Sunday’s Euro 2020 final.

Sections of English fans were heard proclaiming the national anthems of Germany and Denmark during the three Lions’ knockout match at Wembley Stadium.

And with 60,000 fans to be in the building on Sunday, Southgate has asked all English fans to show respect and to give Roberto Mancini’s team no further motivation.

What did Southgate say?

“It’s important that our supporters always respect the opposition,” Southgate said.

‘We know that if we play abroad and fans keep our national anthem, it will inspire them more. I do not think it will help the team.

“We can intimidate the team that is captivating during the match, but it’s different for the national anthem.”

The road to the final

In England’s path to the final, the team played just one game outside the friendly boundaries of Wembley, enabling fans to support everyone during their Euro 2020 journey.

Southgate’s men started the tournament with all three group matches at home before a victory over Germany in the round of 16.

After that famous victory, their lonely match took place outside London in the quarterfinals in Rome against Ukraine.

In the match, the Three Lions drew after a 4-0 victory over an overwhelming team in Ukraine, which paved the way for a semi-final over Denmark at Wembley.

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