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Success was part of the undoing of Gor Mahia – Rachier

The chairman feels that the financial burden at the club has been exacerbated by regular participation in continental football

Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier has claimed the club has been the victim of its own success in recent seasons.

Rachier said the financial challenges they faced were accumulated by the continental duties they had to fulfill without a regular source of income.

The cost of success

“Success has been a part of our undoing and people will be a little surprised, but let me explain that we have been champions seven times, and that means we are going for the African campaign,” Rachier said. Arocho Live.

‘What this implies is that we need 6 to 7 million Ksh for every trip we take out of the country, and if a team comes to play against us at home, we need at least 3 million Ksh, which is a total of 10 million Ksh. match and the return match. You can see it now. “

However, Rachier explained how he has been able to lead the club to more success as its chairman since taking over in 2008.

“It’s all about leadership and the quality in leadership. Tolerance is the most important virtue because the leader is criticized, abused and ridiculed in many ways, and to lead people, you have to practice tolerance,” he added.

‘You have to be considerate, try to understand people and try to do the right thing, especially during a crisis. was responsible, I should have been thrown away a long time ago.

“I would venture to say that in the 13 years I have been with Gor Mahia, you can not point a finger at me and say that Rachier has taken money. Integrity is very important in any kind of leadership. But try especially to the people you are dealing with. ”

Gor Mahia wins FKF Shield Cup picture.

Rachier also reveals the steps they have taken to build a stadium for the club, saying it is a project he is passionate about and hopes to leave office when it is reached.

“We paid for the land and we are now processing the title deeds and I am determined to break through before I retire,” he concluded. “We have land in Kasarani, 15 hectares, and we paid for it. We intend to enter into joint partnerships with those who can provide the financing while we produce the land, so that we can have a kind of co-ownership.

“We also want an investor to buy 49% of the club’s shares, as we retain the majority so the club can have commercial sources of revenue rather than gate collections and sponsorship alone.”

Rachier was elected unopposed when the club conducted its polls in 2020.

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