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Suspended CEO Manu Sawhney says ICC’s approach is small and vicious; ICC calls for emergency council meeting

The suspended CEO of ICC, Manu Sawhney, wrote a ‘strictly private and confidential letter to the directors of the ICC, saying that they had taken a small and vengeful approach to him. He accused them of making one-sided, opaque and unfair decisions.

This comes after Sawhney was suspended in March 2021 and placed on leave after PriceWaterhouseCooper Private Limited had a review due to misconduct. Sawhney said in his letter that the world body had set a dangerous precedent by ‘undermining the integrity of the ICC board’.

Manu Sawhney (Photo- ICC)

ICC calls for immediate council meeting

Cricbuzz reported that the ICC is planning an emergency meeting and officially maintains a position that it will not comment on the process until it is completed. In his 2-page letter, Sawhney questioned the report and asked why it was being monitored.

The Council commissioned the PwC report at the expense of the ICC. It is the duty of the board to request (i) that all directors receive a full copy of the report immediately; and (ii) and an explanation for the four-month delay in providing a full copy of the report to the Board, ”Sawhney saw in his post written by Cricbuzz.

“I ask the Council to ask why the ICC has taken a small and vengeful approach to me,” he added.

Manu Sawhney (Photo- ICC)
Manu Sawhney (Photo- ICC)

Sawhney also accused ICC chairman Greg Barclay and said it was inappropriate for the chairman to take any disciplinary action against the chief executive while the chairman was making the allegations against the chief executive.

‘The chairperson continues to conduct the sole conduct of my case on the basis of my contract of employment:’ The responsibility for any disciplinary action against the executive rests with the chairperson and as set out in the ICC code of ethics or other such documents. “It is clear that it is inappropriate for the chairperson to be responsible for disciplinary action against the ICC chief executive in circumstances where the chairperson is the person who made the allegation against the chief executive officer.” Sawhney wrote.

On July 2, ICC ethics officer Sawhney announced that he had been investigated under the terms of the ICC Code of Ethics. He urged the ICC board members to address each issue at their next meeting.

The ICC’s commitment to the agency has come under criticism and some board members have commented on the scope of the investigation and the need to appoint an external agency. A meeting of the Executive Committee (CEC) is scheduled for Thursday and the board members will meet on July 15. The annual conference is on July 18th.

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