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‘Talks stop Salah wanting more than Ronaldo’ Barnes responds to rumors of £ 500,000 a week at Liverpool

The Reds legend believes a new deal will be signed by a superstar artist, but doubts whether some of the figures speculated are true

John Barnes is ‘not convinced’ that rumors have any truth to suggest Mohamed Salah is claiming £ 500,000 a week any new contract with Liverpool, with the Reds legend causing the speculation through the lucrative deal of Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United.

A Portuguese superstar has returned to English football on a large scale, with a bar being raised when it comes to pay-packs in the Premier League.

There are inevitable reports that Salah is claiming even more money in his own claim expansion talks at Anfield, with an Egyptian forward currently linked to 2023, but Barnes believes a compromise will be reached among the figures being grouped.

What was said?

Liverpool icon Barnes speaks in association with BestofBets, tell Purpose: “First of all, it’s important to say that these numbers are just speculative, and so far no one has confirmed that Salah actually asked for £ 500k a week.

‘His contract expires in 2023, so of course there are negotiations going on, but as always there are big speculations about what a player is demanding, and these figures tend to turn around.

“Is he expecting a salary increase? Yes – most likely, and rightly so, but whether he expects more than double what he earns today is a very different question. And in fact, I’m not convinced.

‘But Salah approaches 30, so decisions made cannot go over his value in four or five years and for what they can then sell him; it should rather be about what he is bringing to the table at the moment, what a lot, and what he can do to help Liverpool finish at the top of the table again, and in my opinion the value exceeds its value in the transfer market.

‘Furthermore, unlike many other clubs, the Liverpool players get along very well, which shows when they play – it’s a true team spirit and togetherness, and it’s invaluable in some respects, as it’s not so. does not happen often.

“But it also looks like Salah is happy at Liverpool. He’s always full of energy, appetite and desire. And that suggests to me that he’s happy where he is, and I think his new contract for Liverpool will be within the next few months. be signed. “

Is Liverpool playing a risky game?

Mohamed Salah Sadio Mane Liverpool Chelsea Premier League 2021-22 GFX

Jurgen Klopp has already seen a number of senior stars commit to new deals this summer, such as Alisson, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Andy Robertson, Virgil van Dijk and Jordan Henderson puts pen to paper.

Salah is next in line, with Mane also working on a deal until 2023, and Liverpool are keen to reach more deals.

Digging deep to retain the services of key men could lead to others raising their demands, but Barnes believes Liverpool will find a way to keep everyone happy while keeping the outside noise generated by the affairs of competitors, ignore.

He added: ‘Salah, with Mane and [Roberto] Firmino, has created an attacking trio that most other teams fear; and to have these three excellent players, each bringing as much as individuals to Liverpool, but also as team members, they make three very hot goods and players that Liverpool want to hold on to. If that means they have to pay more to stay at the club, it’s probably worth it … as long as it’s within reason.

‘Even at the best of times, contract talks are always filled with speculation and rumors, but even more so at the moment Ronaldo becomes the highest paid Premier League player with £ 480,000 a week.

‘We immediately talk that Salah wants more than Ronaldo, and whether this is a made-up problem remains to be seen, but in any case it creates headlines. go from there until the actual agreement is confirmed. “

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