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Taribo West: Ex-Inter Milan star beats Pinnick over ‘insensitive’ and ’embarrassed’ mushroom clubs

The former Nigerian is furious at the NFF president’s intention to stop NPFL players from playing in unannounced leagues in Europe.

Former Nigerian international Taribo West described remarks by Amaju Pinnick that NPFL-based international players are not allowed to join “mushroom clubs” abroad as “insensitive” and “embarrassing”.

The president of the Nigerian soccer federation Pinnick addressed the Super Eagles – dominant home players – before Saturday’s international friendly match against Mexico, and promised to stop soccer agents taking the players to unknown leagues in Europe.

Instead, he has assured that he will help players from the West African country join forces with major leagues in Europe, with examples from Villarreal, Valencia and Lille.

This statement undoubtedly sparked the debate in Nigeria’s football sphere, with the former defender of Auxerre and Inter Milan considering the issue.

“You can’t hold people against their will in a league they don’t respect, they don’t pay, they don’t protect or care about their well-being,” West said. BBC Sport Africa.

“Such remarks by the head of Nigerian football are insensitive and embarrassing.

‘Instead of improving and focusing on the structures in the league, you dictate to adults where and how to make money.

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“His [NPFL] league does not pay footballers and contracts to protect the lives of footballers.

“He has no power to prevent a footballer having access to the clubs he described as small leagues or ‘mushroom clubs’. At the moment there are no small countries in football.

‘We have all seen of the ongoing European Championship that the so-called smaller countries are causing unrest against the larger countries.

“It does not matter if it is Albania, Luxembourg, Moldova or Georgia. Whoever gets an offer to play in these countries has the right to go to any place where they are offered a professional contract.

“The agents or representatives of the players have to fight the NFF in this fight and go where they can make money.”

In his words, Pinnick stated that his administration will do whatever it takes to help them get top clubs.

‘If you live in Nigeria, you go to a top club. “Villarreal, Valencia, Lille and all the proud football clubs and not for one mushroom club you are better at,” said the Fifa official. Brila.net.

‘I want to expose you, people, to the highest levels, so if you go to a foreign club, and we will not allow any agent to take you to countries like Cyprus, Belarus, etc. Take no, no, we never won ‘If I allow it, I’ll make sure no transfer is issued over such situations. ‘

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